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Information about Getting A Job With CallStreamz Comes With More!

Published on August 7, 2008

Author: CallStreamz


Slide 1: Becoming a CallStreamz Employee Slide 2: What makes CallStreamz Different? Goals… Rewards… Satisfaction   Goals      Every position and process is benchmarked with goals that are both influenced and focused on Growth, Production, and Quality.   Rewards    Rewards for all Goals obtained beginning the first day of employment starting with our interview.   Satisfaction       If you establish goals and you reward people for meeting them every one involved will receive Satisfaction the Customer, Employee, Company, Client. CallStreamz , Key to growth: be diversified and have a Call Center that can adapt and change to run any project Slide 3: Customer Satisfaction  Many Call Centers of the industry today have forgotten that each call is a person, and they also have a goal, and that is to get the best service possible, rather its booking a trip, getting a credit card, wireless products, insurance, or Tech support… The customer deserves Customer Satisfaction.  Communications  When we communicate we use the correct Tone, Pace, Volume and Verbiage that will get the best results. With the change in the industry moving towards out-sourcing to other countries Communications have become even more important.  Technology  Our focus on Technology is ongoing, to make sure ALL of CallStreamz is 100% compliant 100% of the time. Our Focus Being at the leading edge of technology makes CallStreamz able to provide the Best Service to the Widest Range of Clients at the Lowest Cost per call. Slide 4: CallStreamz provides Customer Contact Solutions for the following industries… Financial ServicesCredit Cards Lines of Credit Home Auto Insurance Account Services Collections EntertainmentTicket Sales Promotions Management Sales Books Magazine CommunicationsT.V. / Cable / Satellite Wired Services Wireless Service News Papers Publications ServicesPayroll / Time Keeping Political Fundraising Surveys Tech Support On-Line Chat Marketing Slide 5: Project Division  CallStreamz projects are divided into the following Divisions With focus on these three Divisions, CallStreamz is able to make sure they have the personnel and technology to meet every clients expectations. Slide 6: The success of CallStreamz is due to our CCS. These reps have met every bench-mark in our training program. They have proven them selves by meeting Quality and Productions Goals, Consistently leading their teams. They are flexible and are able to switch projects with out costing performance. They have a complete understanding of our technology, hardware & software.  All CCS value our client relationships, and are committed to meeting their expectations. They are not only experts in sales but also are Customer Communication Specialists What make our Reps Different Slide 7: Defining the Positions Each position at CallStreamz is responsible for the following tasks… Operations Team Branch Operations Manager Responsible for all operations of the branch… Call Center and Day Care. Will assist with meeting production goals but not the main focus… The BOM will be responsible for the overall branch operations. main focus will be with Employees and Growth, and the Facility.  Operations Assistant (A.M. & P.M.) Will assist the BOM with duties and carry out responsibilities as assigned to make sure the branch is operating as established by CallStreamz.  Call Center Manager Responsible for Production, Retention, and Quality. This position is highly demanding, taking and delivering responsibilities to assure overall success of the Call Center. They will also have direct contact with the clients.  Administrative Assistant This position will work in the lobby, and will be every ones assistant. Will help with any tasks that lead to overall success of the branch, will also perform day-to-day office tasks…greeting, phone, filing…  Project Manager Very focused position, they will communicate directly with the clients and will be responsible directly for the success of the projects assigned to them. Slide 8: Quality Team Verification Representative Ensure our sales (Our Service) to our client are accurate … by listening to live and pre recorded sales   Quality Assurance Agent Part of the management team Motivating, Educating REPs, giving feed-back on companies process, guidelines, rules, polices… overall ensure company quality…   Quality Manger Is directly in charge of both Verification and Quality Assurance. Customer Contact Team Supervisor Important position directly responsible for motivating teams. Their main focus is Production Goals, Quality, and Retention (growth).  Team Leader Is a CCS that has proven them selves to be a Leader. They are responsible to lead by example, and are supervisors in training.  TSR Are reps that have completed the CallStreamz Initial Training Program, but are still in the Skill Building stage.  CCS These reps have meet every benchmark in our training program, they have proven them selves by meeting Quality and Productions goals. They are the leaders of CallStreamz work forces. Slide 9: Human resource manager Responsible for all Human Resources, also in charge of recruiting and the training division.  Recruiter Demanding position that directly affects growth, this position will be required to spend a lot of time in the community, will also perform the initial interviews with prospective employees.  Trainer Will be in charge of the Training of new employees and also will perform cross-trains to new projects. They will work closely with all management to ensure proper training to increase production while maintaining quality… Workforce Team CallStreamz   Leads the Customer Contact Industry with outstanding Customer and Client Satisfaction, and High Standards of Employee Relations. Every employee is treated like an Executive of their own Company. Slide 10: CallStreamz “Benecentives” Package At the center of the “CallStreamz Benecentives Package” is our team member card. It provides employees with discounts at local businesses… insurance benefits… Pre approved payroll advances from our in-house ATM’s…instant access to daily bonuses and other cash incentives… the card can be used to charge food at the Snack Shack… it also doubles as an employee I.D. badge when in the building. Slide 11: Employee Training At CallStreamz all reps complete the following Training Program. This program will be the foundation of all projects they will work while employed by CallStreamz, this out-line will give you all the tools you need to meet project and client expectations. CallStreamz Training OUT - LINE Slide 12: The Stream Of Success “Keep it Simple” CallStreamz developed this acronym to simplify the rules of conduct and skills of successful sales technique. CallStreamz believes that if an REP remains focused and uses these guidelines they can be successful… Meet all goals and represent CallStreamz and Client in a Polite Professional Manor. CallStreamz knows that every Employee is a Person with Talent and the  Desire to Succeed we just have to help them discover it! These easy to follow guidelines will be the focus of all on-going coaching and success training. When a REP is struggling, needs some assistance meeting goals or achieving the results that are desired, their supervisor will have a session with them, go back to the basics and study… The Stream Of Success “Keeping it Simple” Slide 13: Click to Contact CallStreamz Thank You, More to come!

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