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Published on November 9, 2016

Author: anjalipaurush


1. Founded in July 2015

2. Services

3. Business Model Input Processing Output Cash Flow Cloud Based Parking System •Backend -Vendor •Frontend -Customer Organized vehicle parking sector 200+ installations 30000+ transactions

4. Marketing Campaigns

5. Revenue •Technology Vendors •Commission on parking slots •Live tracking system •Electronic Database management

6. Technology •Cloud Computing •PAN (Personal Area Network) based app for vendors •M-DBMS handling •E-billing and Ticketing •AIDC (Automatic identification & Data capturing) & HHT

7. Goods & Bads •Cutting edge technology •Unorganized to Organized •Residential & Smart city As exponential company they can do more networking at a fast pace

8. THANK YOU Shikha Anjali Sumit Shalini

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