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Published on April 27, 2014

Author: liorsarid



Get Job - is an online marketplace that connects low tech job seekers to the local SMBs close to them.

A marketplace for low tech job seekers. Get Job Get Job Work. Money. Awesome

• Nowad ays p eop le find it very diff ic u lt to fin d a job at th e “low tec h ” sec tor. Th e cu rrent way to connec t between job seekers and employers involve s posti ng ad s in th e n ewsp ap er, "looking for" sig n s an d word of mou th . • Th is way isn ’t effic i ent, time con su min g an d fru stratin g . The Problem

• Get Job Ap p is a location based marketp lac e th at con n ec ts low tec h job seekers to th e local S MBs c lose to them. Jobs for waitre ss es, bartenders, errands and more . The Solution s

• We h ave 2 , 0 0 0 job op p ortu n ities of variou s ty p es. • We support IOS and Android. • We’ve invested $ 5 0 K . Current Status

Market Statistics ( 2 0 1 3 ) USA 6 . 4 M S M B s 2 2 M u n e m p l o y e d OECD 2 0 M S M B s 6 0 M u n e m p l o y e d Worldwide 6 6 M S M B s 5 0 2 M u n e m p l o y e d

We have three main business model opportunities: • Collec t a fee for p romotin g a job offer. ( Per job / month ly fee) . • S en d ever y week a list of th e most su itab l e job seeker to a su bsc rib ed S MB ( for a month ly fee) . • E mp loyers will p ay sal ari es u s in g Get Job app an d we will c h arge a commission fee . Business Model

L i n k e d I n - f o c u s e s o n j o b s e e k e r s w i t h d i p l o m a s a n d a m a s s i v e C V ’s w h i l e G e t J o b f o c u s o n l o w t e c h j o b s e e k e r s . Ta s k R a b b i t – e m p l o y s w o r k e r s w h i l e G e t J o b d o e s n ' t i n t e r f e r e i n t h e j o b s e e k e r a n d t h e e m p l o y e r s r e l a t i o n s h i p M a n p o w e r - e x p e n s i v e f o r t h e e m p l o y e r s w h i l e G e t J o b h a s a f r e e m i u m m o d e l . Competition And Differentiation

• Coop erate with large scale low tec h b u sin esses. • Coop erate with govern ment emp loyee offic es. Vision

We all grew up together at the same neighborhood (Reu't Macabim). Meet Our Team Liyam Flexer CEO & CMO Liyam worked at several startups as the CMO, worked at a PR company and knows how to cook for eight people without breaking a sweat. Sagi Waitzman CTO Sagi is a software eng, knows web, android and is an iOS magician. Lior Sarid Product Manager Lior is an electrical and computer eng, Co-founder of Vootera, and worked at the IDF as a technological product manager.

Let’s talk.

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