Get Connected: Socialization Tactics for New Employees

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Published on October 22, 2014

Author: SilkRoadTalentTalk



Get your new hires productive on Day 1 by providing them with the connections they need to succeed. Try these tactics in your onboarding process to get new employees socialized, acclimated and involved, and connected to business success.

1. Get Connected: Socialization Tactics for New Employees

2. From the moment an offer is accepted, you have a new employee to bring in to the fold. You need to be sure he or she: • Learns all the rules • Signs all the forms • Follows all the company protocols But it’s much more than that…

3. First and foremost, you need to make them feel welcome. And connected. And you can start, even before their first day on the job, by using some essential socialization tactics.

4. Even before Day 1, start communicating… • Who you are and what you believe in • How you work together and what you do for fun • What it takes to do this job • How you can help them reach their goals

5. Communicating this important information upfront can transform new hires into engaged employees.

6. How to do this consistently across your entire organization? Create an Onboarding Portal. Having a centralized employee portal that serves as a hub for everything your new hires could possibly want to know requires some upfront investment, but will save you time and resources in the long run.

7. • Consistent information and messaging to all new hires • Accessible at any time • Includes all onboarding forms One place, online, for everything a new hire needs to know. To bring new hires there, send a series of planned emails on each topic - containing a link directly back to the portal.

8. As soon as new employees receive job offers, they also receive access to the onboarding portal. Here, they discover content that’s designed to engage them early, such as: • A friendly note from their manager • First-day information • Welcome messages from and photographs of their new teammates • A glossary of company buzzwords and acronyms • And your organization’s social, sports, or volunteer calendar

9. Did you know…? 83% of best-in-class organizations start onboarding prior to Day 1 by welcoming new hires warmly and tackling administrative matters in advance.

10. So, what kinds of things should you communicate to make your new hires feel connected?

11. “Who we are and what we believe in” Organizational values, goals, and culture • Message from CEO, division manager, department manager, supervisor • Company's values and goals • Company's culture • Introduction to your mentor • Video Introduction to department head

12. “How we work together and what we do for fun” Work group values, norms, and relationships • “A day in the life of department” • Division, department, team values • Formal and informal norms: dress, speech, appearance, group functions, outings • Relationships: customers, vendors, internal customers, groups, introduction to peers, blogs • Employee committees, activity clubs, events calendar

13. “What it takes to do this job” How to do the job, needed skills and knowledge • Specialized language and product knowledge needed for new role • Suggested readings and websites • Videos showing an employee in similar role • Top 10 tools to use to be successful

14. “How we can help you reach your goals” Personal change relating to identity, self-image, and motives • Employee career development • Available training • Personal development

15. 86/6 A study by analyst firm Aberdeen Group found that 86% of respondents felt that a new hire’s decision to stay with a company long-term is made within the first six months of employment.

16. Less paperwork. More people time. NO MORE one-day HR orientations, a series of unrelated administrative tasks, and a folder of forms. Especially with the new generation of workers who expect speed and automation. TODAY managers and HR can have visibility through dashboards to organize and track onboarding tasks and manage forms electronically (like W-4 or I-9, benefits, payroll) for on-time completion.

17. As you know, the cost of replacing employees is astronomically high: An entry-level employee 30-50% of annual salary A mid-level employee 150% of annual salary A senior-level employee 400% of annual salary Plus, at every departure, morale and productivity suffer.

18. Socialization matters! New hires are expensive. You want to protect your recruitment investment. Holding on to your people starts by providing a well-designed socialization process to welcome new employees and make them feel at home within the larger culture.

19. Challenge: With nearly 33,000 employees in 28 countries around the world and minimal HR resources, eBay recognized their need to improve the new hire experience and create efficiencies through a comprehensive technology solution. Solution: By using SilkRoad Onboarding, eBay improved the new-hire experience by automating both tasks and socialization aspects of onboarding. Results and ROI: • Reduced the administrative cost of onboarding by 25% • Reduced its onboarding process steps by 60% Case Study

20. Key Objectives of Smart Onboarding Programs • Reduce time-to-productivity • Reduce stress • Reduce turnover • Develop job knowledge • Make a positive, lasting impression on a new hire!

21. Get Connected: Socialization Tactics for New Employees Thank you! Learn more! Download the Ultimate Guide to Onboarding.

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