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Published on October 4, 2017

Author: htssolutionsnoida


HTS Solutions: HTS Solutions HTS Solutions is software development company which offer various product and services world wide. About HTS Solutions: About HTS Solutions HTS Solutions is one of leading software development company which located in India. Company Deals in software development, web development, mobile application development, Digital marketing services across the world. HTS Products: HTS Products HTS Solutions has lot of products which are very beneficial for business world. Some of HTS Products are given following : 1: GetHrm Software 2:Monkeycrm 3:Livechat99 4: Hippomail 5:Linguee ERP Gethrm Software: Gethrm Software Gethrm is HR Software which have various HR function to routine daily routine process of HR department. Gethrm has full Function within budget and give effective information for improving Business’s objective. Livechat99: Livechat99 Livechat99 is chatting software which provide communication to website’s visitors. It help to increasing business in real time, valuable feedback ,connected to his client. It help to support executive to resolve customer’s query. There are some of benefits which are given Following : 1: Real Time Visitor Monitoring 2: Easy Integration. 3: Look and feel Customization. 4: Writing Alert. 5: Broad Visitor Information Monkeycrm : Monkeycrm Monkeycrm provide way to collect customer’s feedback for update or modified products or services. This software is industry-specific and very helpful for improving business products or services. It has following feature which are given following: 1: Task management 2: Invoice generation 3: Account management 4: Client Support Hippo-mail: Hippo-mail Hippo-mail is special kind of software which used to sending multiple email To targeted audience. It has lot of feature like as bounce rate,CTR,open rate For successful measurement. There are following feature of Hippo mail. 1: Flexible Design 2: Powerful automation tool 3: Advance Analysis 4: Contact management 5: HTML Editor 6: Affordable in price Linguee ERP: Linguee ERP Linguee ERP Solutions is Software which is specially designed for make to order, configure Order, build to order and mixed mode manufacture. There are various part in ERP Software Solutions which are given following : 1: Admin 2: Account 3: HRMS 4: Inventory 5: CRM 6: Sales 7: Purchase 8: Production 9: Stock Contact HTS Solutions: Contact HTS Solutions 1800-102-2707 F-307, Sec-63 Noida Uttar Pradesh- 201005 Thank You: Thank You

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