Gesture Technology and Recognition

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Information about Gesture Technology and Recognition

Published on April 5, 2014

Author: abhishekpal57



It is a presentation on the emerging Gesture Technology and its recognition. its a very interactive,very well designed ,all slides with numerous pictures for easy understanding of the technology. easy and simple language used for better understanding :)


A little about me My name is Abhishek Pal. I am an IT Engineer I am from India and i love interacting with new people. I love visiting new places. Contact -


CONTENTS What is Gesture Types of Gestures What is Gesture recognition Basic working of Gesture Technology Types of Gesture Recognition Technology behind it Uses of Gesture Recognition Gesture Recognition Challenges

GESTURE, what?

A gesture is a form of non-verbal communication in which visible bodily actions communicate particular messages, either in place of speech or together and in parallel with words. What Are GESTURES Gestures are an important aspect of human interaction, both interpersonally and in the context of man-machine interfaces. Gestures include movement of the hands, face, or other parts of the body.

Military air marshals use hand and body gestures to direct flight operations aboard aircraft carriers.


Types of Gesture Iconic Iconic gestures represent object attributes, spatial relationships, and actions. For example, think about how you would describe gesturally a tall person or a wide river as you were talking about each of those things. Deictic, or Pointing These gestures are pretty basic, connecting speech to another idea, object of location. For instance, if you were talking about someone across the room you might point them. Metaphoric Metaphoric gestures put an abstract idea into a more literal, concrete form. Making your fingers into a v shape and raising above indicates your victory or win Beat Gestures Basically, these just keep the rhythm of speech, and they convey no semantic content whatsoever


What is Gesture Recognition ? Interface with computers using gestures of the human body, typically hand movements. Gesture recognition is an important skill for robots that work closely with humans. Gesture recognition is especially valuable in applications involving interaction human/robot for several reasons.

A smart T.V recognizing the hand movement to control the channels or to select a option from the menu A gesture recognition software in a laptop that recognizes the movement of fingers used for performing various tasks


Basic working of Gesture Technology


Types of Gesture Recognition Hand Gesture Recognition Hand gesture recognition technology allows operations of complex machines using only a series of fingers and hand movements , eliminating the need of physical contact between operator and machine

Facial Gesture Recognition Facial Gesture Recognition creates an effective non-contact interface between user and their machines The goal of facial Gesture Recognition is to make machine effectively understand human emotions , regardless of the countless physical differences between individuals Even most cameras detects your smile to automatically click a picture

Sign Language Recognition Certain types of gesture recognition software can transcribe the symbols represented through sign language into text Effective sign language recognition can help the deaf people to communicate with both other people as well as the machine

Electrical Field Sensing Technology Proximity of a human body or body part can be measured by sensing electric fields . These measurements can be used to measure the distance of a human hand or other body part from an object; this facilitates a vast range of applications for a wide range of industries. Types of Gesture Sensing Technology

Device Sensing Technology Device-based techniques use a glove, stylus, or other position tracker, whose movements send signals that the system uses to identify the gesture. The glove is equipped with a variety of sensors to provide information about hand position, orientation, and flex of fingers.

Vision Based Technologies There are two approaches to vision based gesture recognition: Model based techniques: They try to create a three dimensional model of the users hand and use this for recognition. Image based methods: Image-based techniques detect a gesture by capturing pictures of a user’s motions during the course of a gesture.


Technology Behind It Wired gloves These can provide input to the computer about the position and rotation of the hands using magnetic or inertial tracking devices. The first commercially available hand- tracking glove-type device was the Data Glove , a glove-type device which could detect hand position, movement and finger bending. This uses fiber optic cables running down the back of the hand. Light pulses are created and when the fingers are bent, light leaks through small cracks and the loss is registered, giving an approximation of the hand pose.

Stereo cameras A Stereo camera is a camera that has two lenses about the same distance apart as your eyes and takes two pictures at the same time. This simulates the way we actually see and therefore creates the 3D effect when viewed. Using two cameras whose relations to one another are known, a 3D representation can be approximated by the output of the cameras.

Depth-aware cameras Using specialized cameras such as structured light or time-of-flight cameras, one can generate a depth map of what is being seen through the camera at a short range, and use this data to approximate a 3d representation of what is being seen. These can be effective for detection of hand gestures due to their short range capabilities.

Thermal cameras An infrared camera is a device that detects infrared radiation(temperature) from the target object and converts it into an electronic signal to generate a thermal picture on a monitor or to make temperature calculations on it. The temperature which is captured by an infrared camera can be measured or quantified exactly, so that not only the thermal behavior can be observed but also the relative magnitude of temperature related problems can be recognized and noted.

Controller –based gestures These controllers act as an extension of the body so that when gestures are performed, some of their motion can be conveniently captured by software.

Single camera or a Proximity sensor A normal camera or a proximity sensor can be used for gesture recognition where the resources/environment would not be convenient for other forms of image- based recognition.


Uses Of Gesture Recognition Socially assistive robotics By using proper sensors worn on the body of a patient and by reading the values from those sensors, robots can assist in patient rehabilitation. The best example can be stroke rehabilitation. Sign language recognition Just as speech recognition can transcribe speech to text, certain types of gesture recognition software can transcribe the symbols represented through sign language into text.

Virtual controllers For systems where the act of finding or acquiring a physical controller could require too much time, gestures can be used as an alternative control mechanism. Controlling secondary devices in a car, or controlling a television set are examples of such usage. Remote control Through the use of gesture recognition, remote control with the wave of a hand of various devices is possible.

Aid to physically challenged Machine wheel chairs are coming with gesture based system. The movement of the hand will act as a controller of speed as well as direction Immersive gaming technology In video game consoles such as Microsoft X-box with kinect sensors, often the user is the controller and has to perform all physical movements that they desire the character in the game to do.


Lack of Gesture Language Gesture Recognition Challenges Different users make gestures differently, causing difficulty in identifying motions Many gesture recognition systems do not read motions accurately or optimally due to factors like insufficient background light, high background noise etc Robustness

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