Gestione delle Competenze 6. Gestione delle performance

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Information about Gestione delle Competenze 6. Gestione delle performance

Published on December 7, 2016

Author: Managerit


1. Competency-based HR Management

2. Competency-basedCompetency-based Performance ManagementPerformance Management

3. Individual PerformanceIndividual Performance elementselements has two mainhas two main categories:categories: 1. Performance Results: Hard or quantitative aspects of performance (result) 2. Competencies: It represents soft or qualitative aspects of performance (process) Individual Performance ElementIndividual Performance Element

4. 1.1. Performance Results ScorePerformance Results Score 2. Competencies Score2. Competencies Score Individual Performance ElementIndividual Performance Element Overall ScoreOverall Score Will determine the employee’s career movement, and also the reward to be earned

5. Element # 1 : Performance ResultsElement # 1 : Performance Results

6. Element # 2 : CompetenciesElement # 2 : Competencies Competency : CollaborationCompetency : Collaboration

7. Assessing Competency throughAssessing Competency through Assessment CenterAssessment Center Assessment Center Characteristics:Assessment Center Characteristics: • A standardized evaluation of behavior based on multiple inputs. • Multiple trained observers and techniques are used. • Judgments about behaviors are made, in major part, from specifically developed assessment simulations. • These judgments are pooled in a meeting among the assessors or by a statistical integration process

8. Types of Test in Assessment CenterTypes of Test in Assessment Center • In-trays or in-baskets involve working from the contents of a manager’s in-tray, which typically consists of letters, memos and background information. You may be asked to deal with paperwork and make decisions, balancing the volume of work against a tight schedule. In-Basket Exercise • In a role play, you are given a particular role to assume for a certain task. The task will involve dealing with a role player in a certain way, and there will be an assessor watching the role play. Role Simulation

9. • In a fact-finding exercise, you may be asked to reach a decision starting from only partial knowledge. Your task is to decide what additional information you need to make the decision, and sometimes also to question the assessor to obtain this information. Fact-Finding Exercise Types of Test in Assessment CenterTypes of Test in Assessment Center • You may be required to make a formal presentation to a number of assessors. In some cases this will mean preparing a presentation in advance on a given topic. In other cases, you may be asked to interpret and analyse given information, and present a case to support a decision. Presentation

10. Types of Test in Assessment CenterTypes of Test in Assessment Center • Group exercises are timed discussions, where a group of participants work together to tackle a work-related problem. Sometimes you are given a particular role within a team, for example sales manager or personnel manager. Other times there will be no roles allocated. You are observed by assessors, who are not looking for right or wrong answers, but for how you interact with your colleagues in the team. Group Discussion

11. Competency Score Results of Observation Through the Assessment Center Competency Assessment and RatingCompetency Assessment and Rating

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