Gestione delle Competenze 4. Pianificazione delle Carriere

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Information about Gestione delle Competenze 4. Pianificazione delle Carriere

Published on December 7, 2016

Author: Managerit


1. Competency-based HR Management

2. Competency-basedCompetency-based Career PlanningCareer Planning

3. Career Planning FlowCareer Planning Flow Career Planning System Career Path Design Analysis of Employees Future Plan Implementation of Development Program

4. Defining Career PathDefining Career Path Career Path is a series of positions that one must go through in order to achieve a certain position in the company. The ‘path’ is based on the position competency profile that an employee must have to be able to hold a certain position. What Is Career Path?

5. Analyzing aAnalyzing a position or jobposition or job based on thebased on the competencycompetency requiredrequired Categorizing theCategorizing the positions thatpositions that require similarrequire similar competenciescompetencies into oneinto one jobjob familyfamily IdentifyingIdentifying career pathscareer paths based on thebased on the jobjob familyfamily Competency profile (Functional and Managerial Competency) Per Position Categorizing the positions into a Job Family • Career Path : Vertical, Lateral and Diagonal • Mandatory training Defining Career PathDefining Career Path

6. CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK Assessing Employee Career PlanAssessing Employee Career Plan Employee Career Needs • Assessment of the career type of the employee • Assessment of the employee competency level (for example through assessment center) Organization Career Needs • Assessment of the competency profile required by the position • Assessment of the organization’s need of manpower planning Match?Match?

7. CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK Employee Development ProgramEmployee Development Program Employee Career Needs Organization Career Needs Match?Match? Special Assignment Mentoring Executive Development Program Job Enrichment On the Job Development Apprenticeship in Other Company Presentation Assignment Training/Workshop Desk Study Development Programs and InterventionsDevelopment Programs and Interventions

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