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Published on October 25, 2008

Author: avgs


Slide 1: ah a b c d e f g h i j k l m Guten Tag! beh tseh deh eh eff geh hah ih yawt kah ell Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Bitte schön! em Slide 2: n o p q r s t u v w x y z en oh peh koo err ess teh ooh fow veh iks üppsilon tset Dom Volkswagen zahlen Slide 4: ä ö ü ß mädchen schön für heiße sounds like made good fuel hiss Slide 5: End Sounds in the final position of words Slide 6: Bad Tag Weib /vipe/ /baht/ /tock/ Slide 7: ie pronounced /eeh/ ei /aih/ Die Sonne scheint. ie ei Slide 8: eu äu /oy/ & = neu, läuft au /ow/ = Haus Sounds like “how” Sounds like “boy” Slide 9: S prechen h S Auto s S le en z ‘s’ before a consonant ‘s’ before a vowel ‘s’ in final place Slide 10: Die Zeit Z sounds like /ts/ As in “Tse tse fly” ‘Time’ Der Reiz sounds like “dare rites” ‘charm, stimulous’ Slide 11: Pfeife Pronounce both consonants Kneipe Zwanzig Psalm Using only one syllable Slide 12: No silent letters Köln Sounds like ‘could’ - D + N Pronounce the ‘L’ Cognates and Stress-shift : English ar-ticle Ar-ti-kel per-son Per-son flex-i-ble flex-i-bel sys-tem Sys-tem ha-bi-tu-al ha-bi-tu-ell Cognates and Stress-shift German Shift the stress to the next syllable.

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