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Published on January 22, 2008

Author: Maria


Geothermal Energy:  Geothermal Energy Presented by: William Murray March 28, 2007 What is Geothermal Energy?:  What is Geothermal Energy? Defined: Energy that is generated by converting hot water or steam from deep beneath the Earth’s surface into electricity. Unique renewable Natural Energy Flow Heat Mining Enthalpy The Heat Source:  The Heat Source Tiny quantities of radioactive isotopes liberate heat as they decay Core heat transfer through convection Accessible in locations where heats interior is brought within reach Lithospheric Plates Significant heat flow Volcanic activity The Heat Source Cont’d:  The Heat Source Cont’d High enthalpy systems are divided into two categories Vapor Dominated Best and most productive Free of liquids Liquid Dominated Relies on water at boiling point Often results in steam “flash” Two-phase zone Geothermal Potential:  Geothermal Potential Nature of the resource Fluid Temperature Salinity Fluid Pressure Gas Content Economies of Scale Maximum efficiency Four Main Types:  Four Main Types Dry steam power plant Single flash steam power plant Binary cycle power plant Double flash power plant Dry Steam Power Plant:  Dry Steam Power Plant Single/Double Flash Steam:  Single/Double Flash Steam Binary Cycle Power Plant:  Binary Cycle Power Plant Ground Source Heat Pump:  Ground Source Heat Pump Global Capacity:  Global Capacity Worldwide use of geothermal 9.3GW 28 GW used directly for heating 100GWt through ground-source heat pumps Potential for 65-138GW MIT claims 100GWe by 2050 0.3% of US energy consumption Environmental Impact:  Environmental Impact Gaseous emissions Less than 1/10th of coal-fired carbon emissions Dissolved gasses Land use Noise Potential ground subsidence Geothermal Usage:  Geothermal Usage Iceland generates 26.5% of energy from geothermal .1% Fossil fuels 73% Hydro In the US Alaska (1 Plant) California (4.8% of electrical energy, 2.4GW installed capacity) Hawaii (30MW on largest island, 20% of electrical energy) Nevada(15 plants, 254MW) Utah (reconstructed developing plants) Applications in Belize:  Applications in Belize Belize is the only country in Central America that does not have the potential for geothermal energy according to the US Department of Energy QUESTIONS?!!:  QUESTIONS?!!

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