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Published on March 1, 2014

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Bridge Project Section 1: Video Response Questions Answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper after watching the Bridges video. 1. Suppose all the bridges in a large city (New York City, for example) were closed. What effect would that have on that city? What are some specific ways that people would have to adapt to not using bridges? 2. Think about what the differences are between the three basic types of bridges—suspension, beam, and arch. Draw each type. How do they each transfers loads from the bridge to the ground? Describe where tension and compression occur on each type of bridge. 3. Many bridges are icons for their city or region. Why do you think people associate certain bridges with certain cities, while other bridges seem unremarkable? 4. The U.S. government requires states to inspect and rate all bridges at least once every two years. Describe ways that technology can be used to make monitoring and inspection of bridges more efficient and effective. 5. The earthquake in October 1989 in the San Francisco Bay area caused great structural damage to many of the bridges in the area. What features would you design as part of a bridge to make it better able to withstand an earthquake? Explain your ideas. Section 2: Building Plan You will be working in teams of three to build a bridge using only toothpicks and glue. The requirements for your bridge are as follows: ● You may use popsicle sticks to build your bridge ● You must start with a template that you can then use to help your construct your bridge ● The bridge must be long enough to go over a gap of 25 cm wide ● Bridges must be ready to be tested on Monday, March 10th ● No part of the bridge may touch anything between the two ends of the span. The following websites might be as your group decides on a bridge design: (You’ll need to download the free software first) Section 3: Write a reflection 1. Rate this Project; tell me if you liked it. Why or why not?

2. Tell me what new things you learned from this project 3. Give one suggestion how I could improve this project Section 4: Presentations You and your partner will present your bridge to the class. You must explain why you chose why you chose your design and then Mr. Dupree Will test your bridge to see how much weight it can hold. This Project will be a TEST grade and is due on Monday, 3/10 Project Timeline: 3/3 Movie & Questions 3/4: Bridge Research & Design 3/5 & 3/6: Bridge Building 3/7: Reflection & Building 3/10: Presentations

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