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Information about Geography of Japan

Published on July 6, 2009

Author: reyzter



Discussion about the geography of Japan including the different landforms and water forms that can be found in the area. This presentation also includes some information related to the tradition of the Japanese

The Geography of Japan Mr. Rey BelenPAREF Southridge Afternoon School


Nippon -- “Land of the Rising Sun”

The Japanese Flag Tha national flag of Japan has a crimson disc, symbolizing the sun, in the center. Hinomaru – “sun disc” Nichiren – Buddhist priest Nichi – Nihon – the sun Ren – lotus Lotus is a typical symbol of Buddhism

Japan and the United States

Japan’s Regions

Japan’s Prefectures

Total land area – 145, 882 sq mi Population (2007 est.): 127, 467, 972 Capital and largest city – Tokyo – 35, 327, 000 (metro area) 8, 483, 050 (city proper)

Japan’s Topography

BodiesofWater Ishikari R. Sea of Japan Shinano R. Tone R. Korean Straits Pacific Ocean Inland Sea

MountainsAndPeaks Kitani Mts. Kitakami Mts. Mikuni Mts. Chugoku Mts. Mt. Fuji Kyushu Mts.

Plains Ishikari Plain Kanto Plain Nobi Plain Osaka Plain

Islands Hokkaido Honshu Shikuku Kyushu Okinawa

Countries Russia China N. Korea S. Korea

Cities Sapporo Kyoto Tokyo Kobe Yokohama Hiroshima Nagoya Osaka Nagasaki

FinalMap Kitani Mts. Russia Ishikari R. China Hokkaido Sapporo Ishikari Plain N. Korea Sea of Japan Kitakami Mts. Honshu S. Korea Shinano R. Kanto Plain Tone R. Mikuni Mts. Kyoto Korean Straits Tokyo Kobe Chugoku Mts. Yokohama Hiroshima Nagoya Mt. Fuji Kyushu Mts. Osaka Pacific Ocean Nobi Plain Shikuku Osaka Plain Nagasaki Inland Sea Kyushu Okinawa

Fast Travel Throughout Japan Shinkansen:Bullet Train Bullet Train National Lines

Very Mountainous: Little Arable Land

Hells Lake Pool in Beppu

Mt. Fuji

Swift-Moving Rivers: Hydroelectric Power

Japan’s Land Area and Utilization

Japan by Satellite

Mt. Aso -- Active Volcano

Shiranesan Caldera

Global Tectonic PlatesJapan -- On the “Fire Rimof the Pacific”

Japan’s Sub-Oceanic Trenches

Japanese Earthquakes: 1961-1994

Ginza Ruins After The Great Kanto Earthquake -- Tokyo, 1923 Over 100,000 dead!

Kobe Earthquake -- January 17, 1995 7.2 Richter scale 5,500 deaths

7.2 Richter scale

5,500 deaths

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