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Published on October 4, 2007

Author: Cannes


Geography of East Asia:  Geography of East Asia The Land and People of China Map of Asia:  Map of Asia Topographical Map of China:  Topographical Map of China South and North Terrain:  South and North Terrain Rocky mountains and terraced fields:  Rocky mountains and terraced fields China’s Climate:  China’s Climate July January Modern Political Map of China:  Modern Political Map of China Contemporary Cities:  Contemporary Cities The Bund in Shanghai:  The Bund in Shanghai Street Pedlar in Shanghai:  Street Pedlar in Shanghai Chongqing:  Chongqing Market in Chongqing:  Market in Chongqing Chinese Expansion:  Chinese Expansion Chang’an (Xi’an):  Chang’an (Xi’an) Nanmen (south gate):  Nanmen (south gate) The Yellow River:  The Yellow River Hexi Corridor:  Hexi Corridor Map of the Great Wall:  Map of the Great Wall Shanhaiguan and Jiayuguan:  Shanhaiguan and Jiayuguan Han dynasty great wall:  Han dynasty great wall Ming dynasty great wall:  Ming dynasty great wall China’s Lifeblood:Rivers:  China’s Lifeblood:Rivers Wu Gorge on the Yangtze River:  Wu Gorge on the Yangtze River Trackers on the Yangtse:  Trackers on the Yangtse The Yangtse in the 19th Century:  The Yangtse in the 19th Century Map of the Yangtse River Dam:  Map of the Yangtse River Dam Reindeer in Inner Mongolia:  Reindeer in Inner Mongolia Horses on the plains of Xinjiang:  Horses on the plains of Xinjiang Nomads and sheep:  Nomads and sheep Yaks in Tibet:  Yaks in Tibet Mountains:  Mountains And Deserts:  And Deserts Mountains and deserts together:  Mountains and deserts together Population Map:  Population Map China is a Multi-ethnic nation:  China is a Multi-ethnic nation Han Chinese: 90+ % of the Population:  Han Chinese: 90+ % of the Population Korean CHild:  Korean CHild A Mongol Family:  A Mongol Family Tibetans:  Tibetans Kazaks playing polo:  Kazaks playing polo Uyghur man and woman:  Uyghur man and woman Uyghur meal:  Uyghur meal A Qiang Village:  A Qiang Village Where is Korea?:  Where is Korea? Korean divisions and cities:  Korean divisions and cities Elevation Map of South Korea:  Elevation Map of South Korea Mountains:  Mountains Elevation map of North Korea:  Elevation map of North Korea Map of the DMZ:  Map of the DMZ The DMZ:  The DMZ Panmunjeon: The border goes through this building:  Panmunjeon: The border goes through this building How did the Koreans get to Korea?:  How did the Koreans get to Korea? Paekdusan: home of Tan’gun:  Paekdusan: home of Tan’gun Downtown Seoul:  Downtown Seoul Changdeok Palace:Seoul:  Changdeok Palace:Seoul Jejudo: Korea’s Hawaii:  Jejudo: Korea’s Hawaii Pyongyang: Capital of North Korea:  Pyongyang: Capital of North Korea Juche tower:  Juche tower Kim Il Song:  Kim Il Song Four seasons in Korea: Spring:  Four seasons in Korea: Spring Summer:  Summer Autumn:  Autumn Winter:  Winter Koreans today:  Koreans today Koreans in Traditional Costume:  Koreans in Traditional Costume Woman in Hanbak dress:  Woman in Hanbak dress Food: A feast for the eye:  Food: A feast for the eye Kimchi: Korean staple:  Kimchi: Korean staple Ceremonial food:  Ceremonial food Street Food: Silkworm larvae:  Street Food: Silkworm larvae Geography of Japan:  Geography of Japan Elevation Map of Japan:  Elevation Map of Japan Regions of Japan:  Regions of Japan Ancient and Modern: Temple and Tokyo Tower:  Ancient and Modern: Temple and Tokyo Tower Hokkaido:  Hokkaido Honshu:  Honshu Shikoku:  Shikoku Kyushu:  Kyushu Temperate Climate: Spring and Summer:  Temperate Climate: Spring and Summer Fall and Winter:  Fall and Winter Flowers for each season:  Flowers for each season Mount Fuji: Japan’s highest mountain:  Mount Fuji: Japan’s highest mountain Earthquakes:  Earthquakes Wild animals:  Wild animals Environmental activism:  Environmental activism Women in Kimono:  Women in Kimono Sumo Wrestlers:  Sumo Wrestlers Housing:  Housing Tatami:  Tatami Food:  Food Tsukiji Fish Market:  Tsukiji Fish Market Fish Auction:  Fish Auction

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