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Published on September 3, 2007

Author: Gourmet


Slide1:  10 pt 15 pt 20 pt 25 pt 5 pt 10 pt 15 pt 20 pt 25 pt 5 pt 10 pt 15 pt 20 pt 25 pt 5 pt 10 pt 15 pt 20 pt 25 pt 5 pt 10 pt 15 pt 20 pt 25 pt 5 pt Landforms Continents Where in the World? Name It Hodge Podge Slide2:  A large area of flat or gently sloping land Slide3:  What is a plain? Slide4:  A deep valley with steep sides Slide5:  What is a canyon? Slide6:  An area of flat land that is higher than the surrounding land Slide7:  What is a plateau? Slide8:  A narrow piece of land that juts out into a sea or lake Slide9:  What is a peninsula? Slide10:  The longest mountain range in the United States Slide11:  What are the Appalachian Mountains? Slide12:  The continent where the United States is located Slide13:  What is North America? Slide14:  The largest continent Slide15:  What is Asia? Slide16:  The only continent completely covered in ice Slide17:  What is Antarctica? Slide18:  The continent with more countries than any other Slide19:  What is Africa? Slide20:  The continent that includes Australia and New Zealand Slide21:  What is Oceania? Slide22:  Where the Mississippi River ends Slide23:  What is the Gulf of Mexico? Slide24:  Imaginary line that divides the northern and southern hemispheres Slide25:  What is the equator? Slide26:  Name two states not on the mainland of the U.S. Slide27:  What are Alaska and Hawaii? Slide28:  The highest point in the world Slide29:  What is Mount Everest? Slide30:  The prime meridian runs on what line of longitude Slide31:  What is 0 degrees? Slide32:  Canyons, mountains, plateaus, peninsulas and plains Slide33:  What are landforms? Slide34:  The study of a place and the way the people live in it and use it Slide35:  What is geography? Slide36:  The kind of weather a region experiences over many years Slide37:  What is climate? Slide38:  A symbol that shows the cardinal and intermediate directions Slide39:  What is the compass rose? Slide40:  Things from nature like trees, minerals, oil and soil. Slide41:  What are natural resources? Slide42:  A cold, treeless area where the ground is almost always frozen Slide43:  What is tundra? Slide44:  Imaginary lines that divide the Earth’ surface Slide45:  What are longitude and latitude? Slide46:  An imaginary line from the North Pole to the South Pole Slide47:  What is the Earth’s axis? Slide48:  The seven continents of the world Slide49:  What are North America, South America, Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Europe and Oceania? Slide50:  The four oceans of the Earth Slide51:  What are the Atlantic, the Pacific, the Indian and the Arctic?

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