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Published on April 27, 2014

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Photo Journal

Geography 5 Photo Journal By: Jimena Sirri

Mormon Rocks Mormon Rocks was formed by the North American plate moving southward and the pacific plate moving northward. While there is movement along the San Andrea’s fault it picks up the bottom of the stream bed and tilts it over. Mormon Rocks is a tilted fault block mountain at a 45 degree angle. Once it gets exposed to wind and water it erodes and it makes little and big layers. Mormon Rocks Jimena Sirri

Mormon Rocks Granular Structure Mormon Rocks has a granulated structure sand stone that is composed of sedimentary rock. Jimena Sirri

San Andreas Rift Zone and Stream Bed The San Andreas fault is a strike slip type of fault in which two plates strike each other while moving in opposite directions. San Andrea’s fault is located next to Mormon Rocks by the 15 Freeway. San Andreas Rift Zone Stream Bed Jimena Sirri

Cinder Hill Cinder Hill is a Volcano that erupted 500 years ago, and it’s a cinder cone volcano. Jimena Sirri

Lava Flows The lava flows are made out of basaltic lava and are located in the mountains by Cinder Hill. Lava Flows Jimena Sirri

Fossil Falls Fossil Falls was once a waterfall but all the water was diverted to the City of Los Angeles. Fossil Falls was formed by melt water from the glaciers pooled into Owens River. The rivers course was diverted several times by volcanic activity. The falls were formed when the river was forced to divert its course over a basalt flow, polishing and reshaping the rock into a variety of unique shapes and forms. Jimena Sirri

Metate Holes The Metate holes on Fossil falls, were formed by the the river as it went over the basaltic rocks and brought smaller rocks that hit the are in a circular motion that carved the holes. Metate Holes Jimena Sirri

Stream Bed Dried up Owens River Stream bed. Jimena Sirri

Obsidian Flakes Obsidian was found near the volcanoes, Native American that lived in the region created weapons, such as arrowheads from the obsidian. Some natives used to work on their weapons near the river which in turn left small obsidian flakes in the river. Today the obsidian flakes found by the flat dry river bed are evidence of the natives existence. Jimena Sirri

Petroglyph Petroglyphs are the images carved in the rock, which were created by the Native American’s that once lived in the region. People interpret the images in different ways. PetroglyphJimena Sirri

House Rings This house ring is located on a high spot by the river and the natives used to hang out in the area. The rings were a foundation of a temporary home. Jimena Sirri

Diaz Lake Diaz lake was created in 1872 after an earthquake in which a plate went down, causing the formation the lake Diaz Lake Jimena Sirri

Lone Pine Fault One of the consequences of the Lone Pine Fault was the formation of Diaz Lake Fault Jimena Sirri

Mount. Whitney Mt. Whitney Mt. Whitney reaches an elevation of 14,505ft. It is the tallest mountain in the United States. Jimena Sirri

Orographic Effect The orographic effect occurs when moist air is pushed up the side of a mountain causing rain/snow on those mountains. As the air passes the mountains, a rain shadow is created where the air warms and dries, leaving sparse amounts of Mt. Whitney Orographic Effect Jimena Sirri

Inyo-White Mountains Inyo-White Mountains Alluvial Fan Jimena Sirri

Mono Lake Latitude N 37 Longitude W 119 Altitude 6755.3 Mono Lake Jimena Sirri

Mono Lake Paoha Island is a volcanic island in Mono Lake Paoha Island Jimena Sirri

Mono Lake Negit Island Negit Island

Mono Lake There are 3 different shorelines that can be seen in Mono lake. #3 is The ancient shoreline of Mono Lake which shows the size Mono Lake once was. #2 is the old shoreline after Los Angeles County diverted water to LA from the lake shrinking it from its original size. # 1 is the current shoreline which shows Mono Lake’s size today.

Tufa Tufa forms under Mono lake’s water. When fresh water springs rich in calcium bubble up through the carbonate lake water react to form a calcium carbonate salt deposit called Tufa. This material continues to develop eventually forming vertical towers with spring water percolating up through and around them. Tufa Jimena Sirri

Glaciated Valley and Moraine Bloody Canyon - Glacier carved the U shaped which in turn created debris. A moraine forms along the sides of a glacier. As the glacier scrapes along, it tears off rock and soil from both sides of its path. This material is deposited as moraine at the top of the glacier's edges. U-shape Moraines/ Debris Jimena Sirri

Convict Lake Convict Lake In 1871, six inmates from a Nevada prison escaped here, they were later caught and hanged by the lake, giving Convict Lake its name. The lake was created from the glaciers. As the glaciers melted, water filled it in. Oldest Rock Formation in The Sierras called Sevehah Cliffs. Sirri

June Lake Loop Silver Lake Sirri

June Lake Waterfall Waterfall Sirri

Grant Lake Grant lake is in the middle and the moraines are the two hills on each side of the lake. Moraines Grant Lake Sirri

Keoughs Hot Springs The hot springs were created by an earthquake. While water flows through the cracks created by the earthquake, it is heated by the volcanic activity that occurs underground and it is later pushed up as heat rises creating the hot spings. Sirri

Manzanar Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941, led the United States into World War II. The attack intensified racial prejudices and led to fear of potential sabotage and espionage by Japanese Americans among some in the government, military. In fear of and attack by people of Japanese descent, the Manzanar War Relocation center was created and it became the first of ten camps used to intern those of Japanese descent during World War II. Sirri Sirri

Manzanar Manzanar Guard Shack Manzanar Plaque Sirri Sirri

Eastern California Museum Anita Sepsey Dress worn by Anita Sepsey in 1961.Made by local Paiute woman from tanned beer hides. Sirri Sirri

Cucamonga Alluvial Fan Alluvial Fan Cucamonga Alluvial Fan An alluvial fan is a triangle-shaped deposit of gravel, sand, and even smaller pieces of sediment, such as silt. This sediment is called alluvium. Alluvial fans are usually created as flowing water interacts with mountains, hills, or the steep walls of canyons. Jimena Sirri Jimena Sirri

Solar Power Plant Kramer Junction Solar Electric Generating Station Jimena Sirri

A Playa A Playa Jimena Sirri

Doppler Radar Tower The Doppler Radar towers are used to measure wind and precipitation in that area. Jimena Sirri

Mine Tailing These mine tailings are located near Red Mountain, and they are minerals from the mining facilities that are located all over the Red Mountain Area. Jimena Sirri

Garlock Fault The Garlock fault zone is one of the most obvious geologic features in southern California, clearly marking the northern boundary of the area known as the Mojave Block as well as the southern ends of the Sierra Nevada and the valleys of the westernmost Basin and Range province. Garlock Fault Jimena Sirri

Joshua Tree and Desert Vegetation Joshua Trees Desert Vegetation Jimena Sirri Jimena Sirri

Bascket Sunflowers Jimena Sirri

California Aqueduct California Aqueduct Jimena Sirri

Owens Dry Lake Owens Dry Lake Jimena Sirri The water that once existed in Owens Lake was diverted to the city of Los Angeles, Today the lake is known as Owens Dry Lake and the dry flat bed is extremely noticeable.

SETI Towers The Seti Towers detect extraterrestrial signals. Jimena Sirri SETI Tower

Erratic Boulder One notable geologic feature is the perched boulder, a glacier erratic next to the June Lake Fire Station. This boulder, a well-known landmark of the area, is 18 feet tall and weighs 150 tons. It was carried and deposited by glacial action to its present position Sirri

Mammoth Rest Area The cut down trees are evidence of the tree destruction caused by the bark beetle has been killing thousands of acres of lodgepole and whitebark pine in the Mammoth Area, the eastside beetle populations are growing and growing fast. Consequence of the Bark Beetle Sirri

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