Geogacy Chapter 3.4 Legacy and a Rival

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Published on May 17, 2009

Author: hbcirce


Slide 1: Geogacy chapter 3.4 -- Legacy and a Rival I suggest reading the chapter before this one or you'll be lost. *Warning* This chapter reads fast and as many of you know I like to jump around. I am also using a new format since the exchange has been down for so long. So, consider this as a testing period. Please ignore any glitches. Thank you. Slide 2: "Calcite! Citrine! This is not funny! Come out this instance! Calcite! Citrine!" Slide 3: "Hey! Hey, I'm talking to you! Open this door! My Mommy & Daddy are going to be here any minute and they're gonna kick your butts." Slide 4: "MOMMY! I WAN MOMMY!" Slide 5: "You hear me! Mama's gonna rip you a new one if you don't let us out!“ "Shut up or we're putting ya back in the sack!" "Can't we drug them or something?" "I like that idea. Hear that kid? Shut up or we drug ya up!" Slide 6: "They're a bunch of stupid heads! I don't know why they want to drug us up. I'm not sick. Are you sick? I doubt they have the dinosaur ones anyway, probably that orange cough syrup junk. That stuff is nasty. We better keep quite, Trini. You don't want to taste that junk.“ "I wan mommy." "Mommy and Daddy will be here soon. You gotta close your eyes when they get here though. It's gonna get rough real quick and babies shouldn't see stuff like that. It'll give you nightmares. But, don't worry I'll tell you about it after, ok?“ "Ok, big brover." Slide 7: "How the hell did we get stuck babysitting anyway? Who's brats are they?" "Rod's“ "Seriously? Rod Doyle's kids?" "Higarashi now, married the legacy heir I heard." "I thought he was tight with the higher ups? Why nab his brats?“ Slide 8: "I hear there was a disagreement, not sure what. I ain't paid to ask questions.“ "Must have been some disagreement for the boss to turn on his #1 agent." "As I said, I don't ask questions and neither should you or do you want the boss' undivided attention?" "Nah I like living. Flip the card." Slide 9: "I dee yu! I dee yu!“ Daddy is an agent? Slide 10: "Where-- are-- my-- babies?" "We will find them, sister dear. The police and the Creator are looking everywhere. They will be home soon. I am sure." Slide 11: "Bio and I are going to check around the neighborhood again." "I am coming too!" "I'm sorry, love. But, recent child birth rules you out of the search party." Slide 12: "Are you saying I'm not capable of looking for my own children." "Breccia, please listen to Roderick. You are a still weak. You could get seriously ill if you strain yourself.“ "Would it help if I promise to call every 15 minutes?“ "5.“ "Alright, every 5 minutes. It's a good thing we invested in that family call plan." "Ha ha, now find my kids." Slide 13: "What took you so long? I called you hours ago.“ "Sorry, Bro. Roderick, a word?“ "You can talk while we search." Slide 14: "Then let me save us some time. I know who has the kids." Slide 15: "Hello everyone, I am Cat Cat Xtabay and this is my assistant Denise Avid.“ "Shout out to all my peeps!" "Let me welcome you to Cat Cat's Kitchen. This is our first episode so we have a special dish planned out for your enjoyment. Garden Kabobs and Pork Chops. ------------------------------------------------------ Denise aka Avidreader2466 writer of Puritanical Green Thumb & Grafted Roots legacies Slide 16: "I love the cooking show idea, but do we have to do it now? Can't we wait until we have a proper studio?“ "Yes, it has to be now. I am presenting our pilot shows at the next press conference. You worry too much Lea dear. So, this segment is a bit rushed. It will still be good quality." "That's not why I'm worried--" "Shhh, she's almost done." Slide 17: "Wow, that smells divine!" "Thank you Denise. Now, it's time to work on the Garden Kabobs." Slide 18: "The most important thing about cooking any dish is to have fresh ingredients. You will need two tomatoes, pearl onions, a red pepper and some Muenster cheese. You can also use Pepper jack for extra spice. While I prepare the vegetable, Denise will show you how to chop the gnomes into bite size pieces." Slide 19: "I have to what the gnomes!?" Slide 20: Cut! Denise, we can't hold up the filming. Grab the bugger and dice it." "What!!" "You were the one who volunteered to be Cat's assistant. Now, get assisting." Slide 21: "It's ok, Circe. I am more than happy to switch jobs with Denise." Slide 22: "Help!" "Mercy!" Slide 23: "Fine fine. Shadey we are starting from the top. Start rolling." "Righto Boss!" Slide 24: "The most important thing about cooking--“ "What are you doing in my kitchen!!" Slide 25: "Busted." "Crap crap crap." "Circe? What is the meaning of this!" Slide 26: "Just calm down Mrs. Crumplbottom. I can explain." Slide 27: "You sure as heck better explain! How dare you enter my home and defile my kitchen. Just look at the mess you made! Is that my good china! I'll have you know that was a gift from my Great Great Grandmother. You better hope it's all in one piece or I'll have your head. Are you paying attention! Don't stand there like a ninny Circe Hiragi! Explain yourself this instance!" "Scarry." Slide 28: "Well, you see..." Slide 29: "I'm waiting." Slide 30: "Everybody scatter!!" Slide 31: "You get back here right this second! You WILL clean this mess up! Do you hear me!" Slide 32: "Those Simselves are menaces to proper society. If I were my younger self I would show them not to mess you Prudence Crumplebottom......Why are there gnomes in my kitchen?“ "Help us!" Slide 33: "Hmmm, not point letting them go to waste. Where did I place that 101 Gnome Recipes cookbook?" Slide 34: "You're a freakin' spy!“ "No need to overreact, Love“ "Overreact! My children have been kidnapped by a criminal origination of gnomes that my husband just happens to work for so, I am pretty sure overreacting is justified!" "I don't work for them anymore." "Well it looks like somebody didn't get the memo." Slide 35: "Roderick is a spy not an investment clerk? I can't believe it.“ "I know, it's a lot to take in." "To think a spy could have a flawless financial portfolio. It's quite amazing." "I think you're missing the point, mother." Slide 36: "I always knew something wasn't right with that boy. I should have made more of an effort to find out the truth." "It's not your fault, Dad. I'm sure Roderick will explain everything if we ask." "Good thinking, my boy. You get the jumper cables and I'll find the hot pokers. Then we'll ask him real nice." "Does Roderick like those things? If you think a gift would help, I might be able to get something. But, I really don't think we need to bribe him to talk to us." Slide 37: "This must be a misunderstanding. The Sage understood my position. I left the organization on good terms." "Maybe I'm wrong, but kidnapping doesn't sound like a misunderstanding to me. I want my children back! I am calling the police and you will tell them where these gnomes are hiding!" Slide 38: "I advise against the police. From the information I have gathered the gnome organization isn't the must forgiving. Getting the police involved would only make them angry. Besides, they would have too many questions we wouldn't be able to answer, which would only gain us unwanted attention. The best course is to let Roderick contact the gnomes. From there we can determine if there is need to fear or not. Rod did say he left on good terms..." Slide 39: "How the heck did you gather this information anyway? You know what? Don't tell me. I don't care. You would say it's some kind of conspiracy anyway." "But, it is!" "I'm calling them now, Love. Please calm down." Slide 40: "This is Rod. Patch me to the Sage. No I don't have a bleeding appointment! Tell the Sage, Roderick Doyle is on the line." Slide 41: "Ahh, Roderick my boy. It's good to hear from you. How is your wife? She isn't too stressed is she?" "My wife? You know why I am calling, don't you?“ "Ho ho ho, always the sharp one. But, let us not dally. I need you on a plane to Takemizu. The locals are being less then hospitable and we need a firm hold on the area." Slide 42: "I no longer work for the organization. I can't--" "The children are fine, by the way. You're eldest is a bit noisy and very disrespectful. But, I'm sure Mario would be more than happy to teach him proper manner." Slide 43: "I don't like games. But, you know that. Why have you taken my children?"   "Such wasted potential. I so hoped you would one day take my place as Sage, but no. Be on that plane Roderick for your children's sake." Slide 44: Somewhere far away from Crumplebottom... "I knew it was a bad idea. But nooooo, you just had to finish the show. What possessed you to use her kitchen anyway?" "I like her wallpaper." Slide 45: "Wallpaper!" "You wanted me to slaughter those gnomes?“ "Slaughter is such a harsh word. Maim? Massacre? Yes I like that word better." Slide 46: "Ok, we have a bit of a set back. We'll just have to film at your house." "No you will not. I will not have gnome blood on my clean floors!" Circe!! I need your help!! Slide 47: "Didn't your mother teach you manners? You can't just pop in and interrupt somebody's conversation like that. Geez!" I can't find them! I've looked everywhere. They're lost! *Cry* "Frammit' what happened this time?" Slide 48: Cal and Trini are gone! *Crrryyyy* "You didn't delete them did you?" No, I swear! They went outside for some reason and didn't come back in. I didn't do anything! Slide 49: "Listen up ladies. The nitwit went and lost her legacy kids. Shadey, Lea you search the community lots in the area. Denise, you and me are heading downtown. Cat cat, call the others and spilt up the remaining areas." Thank you so much Circe! Slide 50: "As for you. You need to be more attentive. I know you are easily distracted by shinny things, but serious get your act together." I'm sorry. *sniff* "You're not forgiven yet. While we find them, you will find me a studio. Got it?” Anything you want. Just find my babies!" Slide 51: "Dude are you even listening?" "Yeah yeah, bad things.“ "Hey, Dude. Not cool! Pay attention!" Slide 52: "Sorry, Some simself paw-wow or something outside." "Geez man, can you give me five minute? I need to explain this crap to you." "I got it! You and me should go to 'Midnight Flows' tonight." Slide 53: "Sure we can go. After we are finish discussing the will." "Downer." "I am wounded, whatever shall I do? Listen dude, it's your own fault putting this stuff off." Slide 54: "Don't tell me that crap was serious." "As sure as Crumplebottom wear iron bloomers." "What the heck, Man? Now, I have to bleach my brain. Eeee, mental image." Slide 55: "Listen, your Dad's will is clearly stated and legal. I've looked for all the loop hole I could think of and reread all my legal books. You are so lucky you're my friend or I'd be charging you an arm, leg, both knees, and all 10 toes for all this extra crap I've had to do." "I love you too!" "Shut up and listen, Dork. As your Dad's only kid, you have first dibs on all the properties and financial assets of the Mallory family, if and only if the criteria of the will is met by the assigned time." Slide 56: "You're going into law speak again." "Oops, I forgot you're a bit slow." "Bite me." Slide 57: "And get some disease? No thank you. Now, let me finish, Dork. The will states that if you can't meet the criteria by the assigned time that all rights to everything falls to—” "Don't say it." "Mildred Sutterman" "You're mean." Slide 58: "Thank you. Let me be serious Gray. As your lawyer I advise you to stop dragging your feet and get on the ball or your Step Mother is going to have legal right to everything. That's the house, the park, the lake, the vacation homes, the money. Everything, Grayson." Slide 59: "You gotta get married Dude or your bitch of a Step Mother will mess up your life." Slide 60: Legacy House.....“ OOO! Those freakin' jerks! How dare they send me to my room. I am NOT some weak and simple female!" "No, you're not weak, but you could still get sick. Which means Beryl and I are on guard duty. You dear are staying put.“ "Grrrr!" Slide 61: "I can't stay here. My babies need me." "Little Chert needs you too, sister dear." Slide 62: "I want my babies back! I can't help them if I'm stuck here. They need me." Slide 63: "I don't understand. Why can't we tell the police? Aren't they already helping us?“ "For the last time, we don't like questions and they'll ask too many." "But, Bro how can they help us if we don't give them the information they need?" "For the love of--. No police!“ "Maybe the army, then?" Slide 64: "Mr. Higarashi, can your connections with the military get us a chopper?" "Sorry, I don't work with spy. Especially someone who works for my Rival." "Rival?" "Don't try and deny it now, the cat is out of the bag. You're my Rival's spy. I must admit I wasn't always so sure, but I knew something wasn't right with you." "Don't look at me. He's been babbling about that crap for years." "Really..." Slide 65: "What can I say, Mr. Higarashi? You are far to smart for me. My master was wise to fear you and you're cunning. It's true I am a spy for your Rival. I had orders to watch you and the easiest way was to marry your daughter. But, I am weak and fell in love with Breccia. I renounced my master to be with her and now he has captured my children, your grandchildren, as vengeance. Will you help me defeat my old master, your Rival and save Cal & Trini or do I journey alone?" Slide 66: "I will help, son. To save my grandchildren and to finally go head to head with my Rival." "Thank you so much, Sir! How soon can you get that chopper here?" "3 minutes or so. But, first we need some artillery." Slide 67: "What was all that crap about?“ "It got him to help didn't it?“ "Point taken." Slide 68: "Oh my plumbob..." Slide 69: "This is so freakin' awesome!" "I never understood why the Creator wouldn't let me activate them. They would have made great babysitters." Slide 70: "Does Mom know about this insanity." "She should, she's got her sewing machine down here." Slide 71: "No need to worry son. We'll get the little ones back. Do you know where they are located?" "I have an idea." "That's all we need." Slide 72: "A game of cards on duty?" Slide 73: Ms. Sierra! We weren't excepting you.“ "Clearly. How are the children?“ "The brats finally shut up an hour ago“ "Lester! Manners." "Did you feed them?“ "They're hostages why would we do that?" Slide 74: "Idiots, They're still just kids. You can't starve them.“ "I am under orders to treat them like traitors." "They've never worked for us so, they can't be traitors. Geez, how stupid are you?" Slide 75: "They're father is a traitor." "So, the sin of the father are visited upon his sons?" "What?" “Never mind.” Slide 76: "Here you go sweetie." "Ba ba." Slide 77: "You didn't feel the need to get pillows or blankets?" "We were told--" "I know, traitors." Slide 78: "Sorry Ms. Sierra, but orders are orders." "Just remember they're kids." Slide 79: "Aww, Ms. Sierra has a soft spot for kids. I don't see the point in cuddling them. If Rod doesn't show in Takemizu we're order to get rid of the brats." "Shut it Lester! Don't be disrespectful of Ms. Sierra!" "All I'm saying is she can't get too attached to the brats. No disrespect intended." Slide 80: "I am concerned at the level of intelligence in this organization." Slide 81: "You're too harsh on the lads. They do their best." "Did you give the order about the children?“ "Only as a precaution. Roderick needs to know we mean business." "And you are sure he'll come back to us?" Slide 82: "I know this is hard for you. Roderick was like a brother to you and like a son to me. But the fact still remains, he left us, his family and for what? A warped legacy family?” "More like, he left us for that bimbo." "No doubt she was a factor. Whatever the reason he must come to realize that his future is with us. He will serve as he was meant to or... Well, let us hope he cares for his children as we believe." Slide 83: Why did you have to betray us? Why did you leave me Rod? Why do they all leave in the end? Is it me? It must be… Slide 84: "Plumbob, what is that!“ "What did you say?" "I said, what is that?“ "What? I can't hear you?" "I said, Forget it!" "I don't think that's a car." Slide 85: "I didn't say car! Find out what that is." "What?" “GET DOWN STAIRS!” "Geez, you don't have to shout. I can hear you. So pushy." Slide 86: "What is that offensive noise?" "What?" Slide 87: "Military issue?" Slide 88: "Ho ho ho, I should have known better than to underestimate your abilities. How did you find me so quickly?" Slide 89: Does this mean you are truly lost to us, Roderick? Very well, if this is what you have chosen. I have no choice. Slide 90: "We had an understanding! You said you understood why I was leaving. Why did you do this? I trusted you!" Slide 91: "Dear boy, I do understand I just don't agree. Such an ungrateful child, you turned out to be. I took you in and cared for you like my very own. We were family. But, you left. You betrayed the family for some legacy trollop. I should have killed her off along with her whole family like I planned to from the beginning. Then we wouldn't be have this little disagreement. I even asked to come back out of respect and you refused it. Pity." "You threaten my children! How is that asking?" Slide 92: "We're not here to talk! I demand you release my grandchildren! It's me you want anyway. This should be a fight only between you and me!" Slide 93: "Do I know you?" Slide 94: "Don't play dumb with me! You have tormented me and my family for years! You have ruin every world domination plan I have ever constructed. You used the evil cows against my son. You ate my cheesecake and now you have kidnapped my grandchildren. You will not be forgiven!" Slide 95: "What are you talking about?" Slide 96: "You have no honor. You disgust me! A true man would face his Rival with truth and strength! All these years I thought you were a worthy opponent. But, now I see the truth. Such cowardice makes me sick!" Slide 97: "Enough of this madness! Mario, get rid of them!" Slide 98: "Roderick go find the children." "But, Sir?" "You are the only one who know your way about. Find them quickly.“ "Yes, Sir." Slide 99: "That was a stupid move old man. Roderick is one of the best fighter in the organization. With him you had a chance." Slide 100: "Oh I’m pretty sure we can manage without him. What do you say boys?" "TARGETS ACQUIRED." Slide 101: "Dad! I knew you would come. Where's Mom? Is she here? Is she mad? I bet she's mad? Did you know they were going to drug us? Do you think they have the orange flavored kinds? I bet they do. The stupid heads. How did you know where we were? Is it because you are a spy? Does Mom know you're a spy? I think that's so cool!" Slide 102: "Now isn't the time to talk about this.“ “Daddy, watch out!” Slide 103: "Daddy? Daddy wake up!" Slide 104: Mean while downstairs..... *Batman theme song from the 60's!* Dodo dodo dodo dodo Bioman! Bioman! Bioman! Slide 105: Dodo dodo dodo dodo Robot Guy! Robot Guy! Robot Guy! Slide 106: Dodo dodo dodo dodo Saltman? What the heck. Saltman! Saltman! Saltman! Slide 107: Dodo dodo dodo dodo, ummm Alman? Hmmm? The heck with it! KA-PAW! Slide 108: Hehehe Bio fights dirty. xD Slide 109: "Hurry up with that brat, Sierra. Do not dally-- Who are..?" "....." "Get out of the way!" "......" "Sierra take care of this pest quickly." Slide 110: "You have made a grave mistake picking a fight with me. This is you last chance to step away." Slide 111: *bow* "Very well, I accept your challenge." Slide 112: *Cry* "What the heck hit me? Cal where's Trini?" Slide 113: "The lady....hic... took her and it's all my fault! I didn't see her sneak behind you.....hic..... and I couldn't stop her from taking Trini! I failed Trini and know she's lost forever!" "Now now, none of this is your fault. Trini will be fine." "But were trapped!" "I'm a spy remember and spies can get out of any trap. Everything will be fine. We'll get your sister back." Slide 114: "This is taking too long! Sierra finish her! Stay still, brat!" Slide 115: *Zapppp!* Slide 116: "You...*pant* little brat...*pant* How did you do that?" "I WAN MOMMY! MOMMY!" "Sierra, get over here!" Slide 117: Foolish girl! A failure just like her father. Slide 118: I don't have time for failures. Slide 119: "Grandfather?" "......" "Mommy?" Slide 120: "I see we are a little late." "Mom?" "......" Slide 121: "Thank you for saving my daughter." *wave* “Bye bye Ladee!" Slide 122: "That is so cool! Can you teach me that dad?" *sigh* "Maybe your Mom can." "Awesome!" Slide 123: "Please, mercy! I swear I was under orders. I didn't want to nab the kids. I swear!" Slide 124: "Caesar, Napoleon take this trash away." "Please I beg you! Have mercy." "And gag him as well." Slide 125: Back at the legacy house again... "There's a good boy. Drink it all. Oh! Look who's here!" Slide 126: "Hello little Chert." "Everything go smoothly?" "Yes, Calcite and Citrine are safe. I did not see any injuries. Oh, and they also believe I was you." "Figures. Want me to say it was?" "If they guess on their own it is fine. Do not encourage them." "Understood." Slide 127: "I know all this fighting is stressful for you. But, it was your skill that saved my babies. I can't thank you enough." "We are family, Breccia dear. You will always be more important then my fickleness." "Have I ever said how awesome you are? You are you know." Slide 128: New secret gnome HQ.... "It's been confirmed, Mario, Moses, Lester & Sierra have all been captured. I can have a team ready to retrieve them within the hour." "That is not necessary." "But, Ms. Sierra--" "Failed and now she is paying the price for failure. Now, leave me." "Yes, Great Sage." Slide 129: How did she do it? What power was that? Electric shock? Is this what Gentry is interested in? Can they all do it? Is that how they defeated my men? With this power? I must have it. I will have it. Slide 130: "He's fine, love. Just tired." "Don't call me that right now." "Love-" “I said, don’t call me that. I’m going to the mausoleum. Don’t follow me unless you are ready to tell me everything. If you can’t do that. I need you to pack a bag and leave.” “…...” Slide 131: “Start talking.” “What do you want me to say?” “I’m giving you a chance to explain or would you rather I kick you out now?” “Ok, Love you win. Ready for a cheesy flash back?” “Flash away.” “Dirty girl.” “Pppfff” Slide 132: I suppose I should start at the beginning. I was an ordinary townie kid who called the local orphanage home. I wasn’t the most well behaved resident. I skipped school, snuck out, pulled pranks, typical bad boy antics. It was on one of my more successful escapes from class, I came across a crying Sierra Love. It took a while, but my boyish charm got her talking. Her parents had died while she was visiting her grandfather. I knew what it was like not to have parents, but I couldn’t imagine having them and then loosing them like Sierra had. Slide 133: From that point on we started hanging out. We didn’t have much in common at the time. I believe our status as orphans is what kept us together. Two orphans braving the cruel world or some such nonsense. We got into the habit of seeing each other after school, when I bother to go. We did everything together, played, got in trouble, even did our homework now and again. Slide 134: One day her grandfather, the Sage, came by to pick her up from the park. He seemed Like a nice man, always smiling. He let Sierra stay long enough to finish the chess game we started. He had praised me on my skill several time throughout the game. Saying I had a keen mind. I had no idea what that meant, but praise was praise and for a kid any positive attention from an adult was a good thing. From that day on the Sage could do no wrong in my eyes. Slide 135: After that day he would show up at the park and watch us play. When it was time to leave he would pat me on the head and say I had great potential. For what, I didn’t know. But, I didn’t care either. Now that I think on it, I craved the attention. At the orphanage I was just another kid to take up space. To Sierra and the Sage I was Roderick. It felt nice. Slide 136: Then my life suddenly changed. At 8 years old I was adopted by the Sage. I remember the shock. I never expected it. Adoption is something an orphan dreams of, but for it to really happen is the ultimate dream come true. I never questioned why. Maybe I should have? Slide 137: It didn’t take long to settle into my new life. I discovered the organization on my own mere weeks after. The Sage was eager to tell me all about it. I should have found this strange, but to a kid all I could think about was how cool in was to live with criminal mastermind. I wanted to become a part of it all and the Sage was more than happy to teach me everything he knew. Slide 138: As the years passed my role with the organization only grew. Before I knew it I had become the Sage’s Right hand and Sierra his Left. I’m not proud of all the things I’ve done. My only excuse was that I was doing it for my family and that is how I thought of them as. They were everything I believed a family should be. They cared for me, encouraged me, laughed with me, listened to me. They were my family until tonight… Slide 139: “I want you to understand that I never thought something like this would happen. I trusted the Sage like I trust you.” “And how much is that?” “With my life.” “Then why didn’t you tell me?” Slide 140: “I didn’t think you would have agreed to marry me if you knew the original reason why I asked.” “What does our marriage have to do with your crime family?” “More than it should, Loving. Before I say more, you have to believe me when I say I do love you. I always have. Do you believe me?” “I do believe you. I..never thought you didn’t.” Slide 141: “Then believe me when I say, that if I didn’t marry you, you and your family would most likely be dead…..” Slide 142: “Geez, Rod did you have to do the “dramatic pause” right then?” “You’re taking the fun out of my suspenseful explanation, Love.” “Eeeh, sounds to me like stalling. ” Slide 143: “ *sigh* Fine, long story start—” “Too late.” “Gentry, who runs a rival criminal organization took interest in your family. This concerned the Sage. My job was to find out why and report back. I discovered it was your brother Basalt that Gentry took interest in. The Sage thought it might be safer to eliminate your whole family as a precaution. I couldn’t let that happen. So, I convinced him I could get more viable information if I became part of the family. A spy from within. I couldn’t tell you because I feared you would reject me and become a bigger threat in the eyes of the organization.” Slide 144: “I tried to retire for the children’s sake. But, that didn’t goes as I planned…” “So, in the end you’re not a jerk.” “Urr, thank you?” “You should have told me. I understand you were trying to protect me. But, not giving me the right to make my own decision makes you an ass. I guess if I kicked you out now, after hearing all you did to save me and my family, would make me the bitch. So, you can stay.” Slide 145: “Come here, you wonderful woman.” “I am wonderful aren’t I? But, don’t think you can lie to me again, buddy. From here on you tell me everything.” “I think I can manage that. I admit I had my doubts you would kick me out, but I should have known better. You wouldn’t have done it.” “……” “You wouldn’t have, right Love?” “…….” “Love?” Slide 146: "Hello Higarashi residence." Bayl? I finally found you! I've been calling your cell phone all day. Where have you been? Slide 147: "Grace! You wouldn't believe what happened tonight. Roderick is a spy!“ He's a what? No wait, tell me later. I have something important to tell you. "But Grace, there is more. The kids got kidnapped by gnomes. They're fine now, but what a night!” Bayl honey, I really have to tell you something important— "Wait until you hear about Roderick stock portfolio!" Slide 148: Bayl listen to me! I'm pregnant! Slide 149: Bayl? Are you still there? Bayl did you hear me? Bayl? ----------------------------------------------------------------------- I told you it was a fast read. I hope you enjoyed this action chapter. Special thanks to the simselves I use and abuse and all the CC creators that make wonderful stuff! Many thanks for reading, until next time!

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The final chapter in the global blockbuster Crossfire quint... 9,99 $ The Bands of Mourning: A Mistborn Novel The Bands of Mourning ... Rocky’s Legacy .
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Mortal Kombat: Legacy - Ep. 4: Kitana & Mileena (Part 1 ...

Mortal Kombat: Legacy - Ep. 4: Kitana & Mileena (Part 1) ... Mortal Kombat Legacy: Kitana and Mileena ... MK9 story mode Chapter 9: ...
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The Bourne Identity - Penguin Readers

The Bourne Identity ... everyone’s arch rival, Carlos, is known only to Bourne. Intrigue: ... Chapters 3–4 After reading 4 Write: ...
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Crafting & Executing Strategy 20e - University at Albany

to map the market positions of key groups of industry rivals. LO . ... FIGURE 3.4. Factors Affecting ... Crafting & Executing Strategy 20e Subject: Chapter 3
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