Geofencing and its Effect in The Marketing of Mobile

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Information about Geofencing and its Effect in The Marketing of Mobile

Published on November 9, 2017

Author: copleyadvert


Geofencing and its Effect in The Marketing of Mobile: The market of mobile is grown significantly in the past few years and almost took over the market of desktop. Now lots of people are using mobile devices to browse internet over desktops and as a result almost 68 percent of the companies are integrated in the mobile market as their strategy. The rate of the integrated in mobile market will continue to increase as developing nations are gaining access to mobile devices. The competition of market is becoming very fierce and the location intelligence is main key of their strategy. Geofencing and its Effect in The Marketing of Mobile Slide 4: This location based technology allows businesses to interact with the customer using their physical location via a mobile device. Even though the type of the interaction may vary but it mostly includes various ads and coupons through e-mail and messages. And the process that executes this technique is called geo-fencing. This geo-fencing is location based services which form a type of virtual geographical fence or simply geo-fence around a physical location of a certain area where a customer might visit throughout the day. And when a customer does visit the place say a coffee shop or book store the fence generate action depending on the situation. Geo-fence has lots of benefits and some of them are: Slide 6: Effectiveness in the out of home ads: By setting a geo-fence out of home market researcher can observe the customers movement and can tell if a customer is nearby or not. They can even analyze the customer’s visitation of the several competitors store . Feedback in the real time: A feedback can be considered effective when you can ask your customer about their experience of the service they receive at the time when it is still fresh in their memory. With other schemes it is very unlikely possible but with geo-fence this can be achieve. When the customer enter or exit a store surrounded by a geo-fence and opted in for communication then the moment they exit the fence will prompt a action and send message to their mobile device and ask about their experience in the real time. Slide 8: Effectiveness in analyzing your competitor: By setting a geo-fence around the competitors company market researcher can analyze their customers’ visitation and find about the facts that what made one stores customer visitation different from another and after analyzing it they can improve their own business . As we seen above there are also other benefits of setting a geo-fence and improving ones business. This is the fact the companies which provide geo-fencing advertising service is increasing significantly. Contactus:: Copley Advertising Geofencing mobile advertising Located: Brookline Massachusetts United States Phone No: +1 617-651-2249 Website: Contactus:

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