Geofencing and Its Effect in Marketing

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Information about Geofencing and Its Effect in Marketing

Published on November 2, 2017

Author: copleyadvert


Geofencing and Its Effect in Marketing: Most of us may be wondered why some mobile apps are free to use and how those company earn their money? The answer may be not known to all of us, but it is a location based advertising named geo-fencing advertising. When we use those free apps they always ask about accessing our location and by providing these locations to certain company they let us use the app free . Geo-fencing is a service which enables the brands and companies to locate the customer in a certain area and send messages to them. Geofencing and Its Effect in Marketing Slide 4: Here are some steps to use geo-fencing which will help you in your business : By setting a parameter of your own: Geo-fence help to be more precise than any other customer targeting schemes available. For example if you want to advertise a certain coffee shops discount offer around about 20 mile radius then you just have to set a geo-fence of 20 mile perimeter around the physical location of the store. Create a campaign in the local: People are like to go to the store which is within the five or six minute drive. So one of the best way to execute geofencing services is to set the geo-fence not too small or not too large, where your customer only need a little minute drive then it will surely add some additional earn. Slide 6: Do various testing: Like in the other advertise in geo-fence ads you can also test various content and determine which one is more servable. You can test various things such as various types of deals or coupons on the ads. With this you might find out that the offer of a free drink is attract customer more than an offer of free chip. You test the difference location too . Targeted audience: Based on the demographics and interest you can filter and try to reach some specific types of customer such as VIP or reward card customer or the customer that visit a business competitor’s store. Slide 8: Know more about your customer: In order to learn more about your customer you can leverage the data you have acquired from the geo-fence. Furthermore since it is location based you can also observed the behaviour of the customer like how many times in a day a customer visit your store or which place they often visit before your store. Deliver the thing that matter: Various kinds of messages are delivered to a customer at a time and because of this they might fail to notice the most relevant one. So you need to make sure to that your marketing content is strong. Contactus:: Copley Advertising Geofencing mobile advertising Located: Brookline Massachusetts United States Phone no. +1 617-651-2249 Website: Contactus:

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