Geocaching in the Classroom

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Information about Geocaching in the Classroom

Published on June 12, 2007

Author: cydenning


Geocaching in the Classroom:  Geocaching in the Classroom Useful ideas for teachers wanting to use geocaching to enhance teaching and learning! Wendy Almeida Photo What is Geocaching?:  What is Geocaching? Geocaching is a “world-wide treasure hunt” where you hide and find objects using a GPS (Global Positioning System) Geocaching is an exciting sport for people of all ages. Integration Aspect:  Integration Aspect Geocaching allows teachers to integrate many subjects across K-12 into a single project or activity Reading/Language Arts Science Mathematics Social Studies PE/ Art Technology Types of Caches:  Types of Caches Traditional Caches where a person hides a cache for another person to find Multi-Site Caches the cacher goes to the first set of coordinates, answers a question and begins looking for the next location Locationless Caches Person who creates the cache doesn’t have to own a GPS; photos are posted online along with the latitude and longitude coordinates Travel Bugs Cacher buys a travel bug (usually around $6.50), attaches it to some object, indicates where they want it to go, then releases it into a cache Geocaching in the Classroom:  Geocaching in the Classroom Articles supporting the idea of using geocaching in the classroom The Meridian- A Middle School Computer Technologies Journal; service of NCSU Using GPS and Geocaching Engages, Empowers, and Enlightens Middle School Teachers and Students New Ways of Teaching GPS Technology & Basics in Orientation in Local Geography Geocaching in the Classroom:  Geocaching in the Classroom NC DPI Website includes many lessons posted by various counties and individuals in NC activities range from a variety of grades and content areas supplemental worksheets, files, documents, and much more are available for you to use lessons include the use of a GPS Geocaching in the Classroom:  Geocaching in the Classroom The Science Spot: Learning with GPS GPS lessons and activities Teacher resources Student worksheets Useful Tips Other online resources Children & Geocaching:  Children & Geocaching Videos on Geocaching:  Videos on Geocaching Travelistic: The Map :Geocaching Adventure And introduction to geocaching; an adventure in NYC You Tube: Geocaching Intro Background info on GPS How to navigate Available Training:  Available Training Training for teaching in Orange County, NC QTL (Quality Teaching and Learning) NC DPI Social Studies Training Integrating Technology

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