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Published on June 11, 2007

Author: emel063


PowerPoint Presentation: GEOCACHING AND YOU! Geocaching (gee-oh-cash-ing): Geocaching (gee-oh-cash-ing) Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunt that requires the use of a GPS (Global Positioning System). The fundamental idea is to stage a treasure hunt by setting up caches and sharing the locations on the internet. GPS users then use the location coordinates to find the caches. The cache may contain a reward or information to another cache. Once the cache is found, the rules of the game are: Take something from the cache Leave something in the cache Write about it in the logbook GPS and Geocaching: GPS and Geocaching GPS is a device that is used to determine your approximate location, within 6-20 feet on the planet earth. Coordinates are given in Longitude and Latitude. GPS software is commonly found on must handhelds. So, what is a Global Positioning System (GPS) and most importantly, what is its relationship with geocaching? GPS and Geocaching (cont): GPS and Geocaching (cont) It is not necessary that you know all the technical terms about GPS units to play Geocaching. All you need to do is be able to enter what is called a " waypoint " where the geocache is hidden. Waypoints are simply locations or landmarks recorded and stored in your GPS. GPS and Geocaching (cont’d): GPS and Geocaching (cont’d) Conceptualizing how GPS devices work may be difficult even after reading the information. To get a better idea of how these devices work, go to GPS: The New Navigation by PBS. It provides a quick and easy tutorial of determining locations. GPS and Geocaching (cont’d): GPS and Geocaching (cont’d) If your handheld does not have GPS software, it can be purchased and installed or you can buy an independent device. The price ranges from $100 to $1000 depending on the kind of functions you desire. As with any technological device, the more you want, the more it cost. GPS and Geocaching (cont’d): GPS and Geocaching (cont’d) If you don’t have a GPS device, consider submitting a proposal to the technology committee at your school for at least five devices. Schools generally have funds set aside for such acquisitions. Cache and Geocaching : Cache and Geocaching A cache is any waterproof container that stores the treasure. It may contain any item you wish, just consider the elements surrounding your location. Cache and Geocaching (cont): Cache and Geocaching (cont) The one item that it must contain is a log book. The log book contains information from the founder of the cache and notes from the visitor of the cache. Cache and Geocaching (cont): Cache and Geocaching (cont) The location of a cache is totally up to you. This means it may be placed in or outdoors. It’s your call. Be creative! Remember the three rules: take, leave, and write something! Education and Geocaching: Education and Geocaching Geocaching requires students to apply principles of math, geography, science, and logic. Solving the puzzle of locating a geocache is a hands-on way to merge technology and curriculum. Geocaching Ideas: Geocaching Ideas Scavenger Hunt – students take a clue from each cache, log the date and time, and then meet at a predetermined location to open and solve a mystery or riddle. Geocaching Ideas (cont): Geocaching Ideas (cont) Science/Social Studies – each cache is a plant, tree, or something similar that students most identify. Geocaching Ideas (cont): Geocaching Ideas (cont) Technology – students gather items from each cache. The cache location and their items are entered in a spreadsheet. Geocaching Ideas (cont): Geocaching Ideas (cont) P.E. – teachers create caches and send students to track them down. A great way to get them to exercise with a minimum amount of complaining. Getting Started: Getting Started Container with a lid (If your cache is an outdoor activity, you will need a waterproof container) A logbook At least one GPS device Item(s) for the cache Getting started is relatively easy. You will need the following items: Getting Started (cont): Getting Started (cont) To train your students to use their GPS receivers, give half of the class golf balls and have the kids hide them around the school grounds. After they set a “ waypoint ” at the location of the golf ball, the students return and give the GPS receiver to another student who uses it to go find the ball. Final Word: Final Word Improves critical thinking skills Improves collaborative techniques Improves community awareness Improves problem-solving skills The learning possibilities of geocaching are many. Below is a partial list of the advantages: Creates new learning environments Improves organizational skills Creates self-directed learners Improves communication skills Your Turn!: Your Turn! Geocaching has become one of the most popular sports of our technological age. People all over the world with varied interest and abilities participate in this activity. Bring the children and join the fun!

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