GeoAnalyzer - Solution to Geocoding Indian Address System Customized for Banks, Retail, Automotive etc. & how can Location Intelligence help your Business

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Information about GeoAnalyzer - Solution to Geocoding Indian Address System Customized for...

Published on March 2, 2014

Author: effectlabs



Geo-Analyzer is best geocoding service customized for Indian Addresses. Bank customer geocoding, retail services geocoding, market reach map analysis, thematic maps, Heat maps etc are provided through our India specific geo processing and mapping service. GeoAnalyzer also packages with our email campaign service to provide end to end geo targeting suite.

Complex Indian Address system has been decoded with GeoAnalyzer offering highest level of accuracy. Location Intelligence is playing key role in extending customer base, enhancing service levels, improve decision systems, thematic mapping for better customer analysis, recommendation systems based on customers geo data and demographics.
Highly customized for Banking Services and currently being used by Major Banking Organization in India. Apart from Banks, Insurance, Retails, Automotives, FMCG, e-Commerce chains etc can get benefited by our geo targeting services helping them in better target and personalize their offerings as with GeoAnalyzer they know their customers better!!

Know . Connect . Grow Grow fast with Location Intelligence

What is Location Intelligence? Location Intelligence is more than a map

Lets look @ Location Intelligence • Location Intelligence is the capacity to organize and understand complex phenomena through the use of geographic relationships inherent in all information. • By combining geographic and location-related data with other business data, organizations can gain critical insights, make better decisions and optimize important processes and applications. • Location Intelligence offers organizations opportunities to streamline their business processes and customer relationships to improve performance and results.

Role of Location Intelligence for Banks • Where are my customers? • Finding clustering, density, penetration of customers. • Help in Tie up with other businesses to provide offer to their customers. • Customized Email to tell about different Offering to the customer based on their locations. • Help in planning like where should install new ATM in the city or where should open a new branch. • And many more ….

Where are my customers? It gives a better and clean idea of customer distribution over a geographical area.

Density and Penetration of customers  LI helps an organization to find clustering of their customers.  Density and penetration can also be calculated using this.

Help in planning It could make it easy to take decisions regarding the questions like: Where should open a new branch in the city to facilitate to maximum customer. Where should install a new ATM. Where should we install a Cash Deposit Machine. Where should we launch a new campaign.

Could help in Tie-up with other businesses to expand your reach Banks could find out higher density areas and find out various Local, National or International brands which has good reputation and tieup with them to provide offers to their customers.

Customized Email to customers about offering based on their location Problem with credit/debit card offering. Suppose a company has tie up with various businesses and has 5000 different offers for their customers. How they will convey it to them? Most of the people will never read 5000 offers and its also not worth because for a particular customer most of them are not applicable. If there are a Tie-up with ABC food chain, for a person who living in a city where there are no branches of ABC, what does that offer means to him? Now With LI this problem could easily be solved. Company could send customized message to customers based on location of customer and related offer place.

And many more … From Email to SMS…. From Offering to Tie-Ups…. From Planning to Delivery…. Endless possibilities are their. Location Intelligence is need of time and it makes an organization smarter

What is Geo Analyzer and what it does?  A custom built Geocoding software that works on “Raw Indian Addresses” and provide latitude and longitude information.  Designed specifically for Indian Cities and Customer addresses. Rectifies incorrect data and provides accuracy of the found Geo addresses. Includes a Visual Mapping Tool with our custom toolkit designed specifically for visual analysis and recommendation   Changes the problem from customer space to Graph space using mapping engine. Graph Algorithms are then applied to achieve various analytical results, recommendations etc  Distribution Network, Customer spread, Services Reach etc. can be Analyzed.

Sub Systems Geo Analyzer UI Geo Data Process Geo Analyzer

Geo Analyzer - Data processor service  Geo Data processor takes Raw Indian Addresses and returns their respective Latitude and Longitude information along with a standardized address.  City Specific data algorithms for highly accurate results.  This engine is envisioned to help the management team with quantifiable data points.  Learning Engine helps with better results as we process more data  For Example Travelling Salesman Problem or many other such logistic problems etc. can be better solved over map and we provide the platform for it.

Geo Analyzer – Data Visualizer

Geo Analyzer – Data Sheet  80-90% of Geo Analyzer Latitude/Longitude would fall within 2kms of actual Latitude/longitude of customer.  GA2 (Engine working only for Touch Points) – 99% accuracy of GA2 processed data would be within. 100 meters of actual address – Full Accuracy Processing Engine.  GA (Geo Analyzer) has been tested on more than 2.5Million data.  GA2 has been tested on 20,000 plus data (meeting 99% limits).  This Engine is being used by one of the Leading Financial Organizations in India already  We Package GeoAnalyzer with Near-me Application for Bank*  We also Package GeoAnalyzer with Geo-Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns*

Why Geo Analyzer? The power of LI lie in the fact that how accurate the geo data is. As it’s a known fact that Geocoding of Indian addresses is toughest because there is no standard format for addresses across the country. Geo Analyzer Data Processor Engine is made for India so it is able to locate Indian addresses with best accuracy. Geo Analyzer Data Processor Engine not only geocodes’ addresses but also verifies it. Geo Analyzer Data Processor Engine also provides address confidence factor which tells about the accuracy of the geocode of the data. GADP Engine is Self learning engine, hence improves with time.

Where we stand? There are lots of engine and services available in the market to geocode but when it comes to geocode Indian addresses most of them either fail or provide low accuracy rate. There are some Service providers who do this manually but the charges and time involved are both on the higher side (20 to 50 times). Even the World’s one of the most renowned map company itself is not able to properly locate Indian addresses, and more than half of these addresses doesn’t return any result. But Geo analyzer is best in this and returns 80-90% data with within 0-2km radius of the actual point. Geo Analyzer’s expertise in GIS solutions, Product development and customer centric recommendation system can help you increase your business reach and also serve your customers better. We provide geocoding services at highly competitive prices with best possible accuracy.

Thank You!

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