GenYSocial - [ACE2014] how to build and manage your online presence

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Information about GenYSocial - [ACE2014] how to build and manage your online presence

Published on March 10, 2014

Author: JamesTFletcher



At ACE2014, @GenYSocial gave this presentation about building and managing your online presence inc. tips on web, social media, online profiles and location based checkins.

how  to  build  and  manage  your   online  reputation @JamesTFletcher   Co-­‐Founder GenY’  Tip: Social  Media  Management  &  Events 1

@GenYSocial  /  @JamesTFletcher Co-­‐fGenY’  Tof  GenYSocial.  Commercial  &  Marketing  Director  of  Holder  of  DipCAM  (Digital   ounder   ip: Marketing)  from  CIM.  Regular  Speaker  on  tech,  social  and  marketing  automation. Social  Media  Management  &  Events 2

what  is  an  online  reputation? GenY’  Tip: Social  Media  Management  &  Events 3

your  online  reputation  is  made  of • • • • • • • Press  Releases   Websites   Directories   Social  Media     Images   Articles   Blogs GenY’  Tip: Social  Media  Management  &  Events 4

we  do  believe  what  we  read 92%  of  consumers  trust  opinions  posted  online  by     other  consumers  (  2013)   ! – 70%  trust  unknown  users   – 27%  trust  experts   – 14%  trust  advertising   – 8%  trust  celebrities GenY’  Tip: Social  Media  Management  &  Events 5

Source:  salesforce  2012 94%  are  more  willing  to  spread  the  bad   experience  not  the  good  one   GenY’  Tip: Social  Media  Management  &  Events 6

 why  does  it  matter? GenY’  Tip: Social  Media  Management  &  Events 7

you  don’t  know  what  they’re  saying GenY’  Tip: leaving  bad  reviews,  content  will  haunt  your  brand  for  a  long  time. Social  Media  Management  &  Events 8

maybe  your  work  is  being  copied? GenY’  Tip: Social  Media  Management  &  Events 9

or  a  customer  is  checking  you  out GenY’  Tip: Social  Media  Management  &  Events 10

time  to  assess  your  current  
 online  reputation GenY’  Tip: Social  Media  Management  &  Events 11

know  what’s  out  there ‘me  on  the  web’  in  google  dashboard   ! ! ! or  use GenY’  Tip: Social  Media  Management  &  Events 12

home  made  reputation  assessment create  a  spreadsheet…   – search   • • • • full  names   company  names   brands   keywords   – add  anything  negative
 (or  positive)   – check  out  pages  1-­‐3   – don’t  forget  images!   – have  an  action  for  each! Search URL Content Action Full  Name online  cv change Full  Name… drunk  pic delete Company spam  post delete Company testimonial promote Brand bad  review respond Keyword rant  post counter GenY’  Tip: don’t  forget  to  search  for  your  name  too! Social  Media  Management  &  Events 13

what  is  considered  positive? GenY’  Tip: Social  Media  Management  &  Events 14

what  is  considered  negative? GenY’  Tip: Social  Media  Management  &  Events 15

got  you  worried? GenY’  Tip: Social  Media  Management  &  Events 16

developing  your  
 online  reputation  strategy GenY’  Tip: Social  Media  Management  &  Events 17

what  are  you  trying  to  achieve?   GenY’  Tip: Social  Media  Management  &  Events 18

be  online  and  social more  customers
 and  product  sales GenY’  Tip: Social  Media  Management  &  Events 19

get  feedback,  testimonials
 or  online  reviews GenY’  Tip: Social  Media  Management  &  Events 20

get  on  social  
 with  everyone  else?! GenY’  Tip: Social  Media  Management  &  Events 21

follow  that  with…
 how  do  you  want  to  be  perceived? GenY’  Tip: Social  Media  Management  &  Events 22

a  trustworthy  expert GenY’  Tip: Social  Media  Management  &  Events 23

a  professional  clean  clinic GenY’  Tip: Social  Media  Management  &  Events 24

safe  to  use  products GenY’  Tip: Social  Media  Management  &  Events 25

so  what  do  you  do  with  this  list? GenY’  Tip: Social  Media  Management  &  Events 26

get  content  removed GenY’  Tip: Social  Media  Management  &  Events 27

create  new  content  
 and  add  new  channels GenY’  Tip: Social  Media  Management  &  Events 28

maintenance GenY’  Tip: Social  Media  Management  &  Events 29

the  positive
 online  reputation  toolbox GenY’  Tip: Social  Media  Management  &  Events 30

get  a  mobile  ready  website  
 designed  and  built  -­‐  by  experts. GenY’  Tip: OPTIMISE,  OPTIMIZE,  OPTIMISE,  OPTIMIZE! Social  Media  Management  &  Events 31

get  local  listings GenY’  Tip: Google  Places,  Bing  Business  Portal,  Yellow  Pages,  City  Search Social  Media  Management  &  Events 32

create  a  blog  &  
 write  relevant  posts GenY’  Tip: post  daily  if  you  can,  and  a  range  of  content  –  words,  pictures,  video Social  Media  Management  &  Events 33

create  and  distributed  PRs GenY’  Tip: distribute  via  blog,  social  media,  etc. Social  Media  Management  &  Events 34

write  for  others,  not  just  yourself GenY’  Tip: contact  smaller  blogs  if  you  have  no  credentials,  and  built  it  up! Social  Media  Management  &  Events 35

have  a  presence  on  social GenY’  Tip: always  complete  your  profiles  in  full,  it’s  good  practice! Social  Media  Management  &  Events 36

but  what  social  channels,  and  why…
 and  what  content… GenY’  Tip: Social  Media  Management  &  Events 37

Source:  Netbase facebook  inspires  purchase  decisions GenY’  Tip: 72%  of  social  shoppers  use  fb  for  sourcing  the  latest  trends Social  Media  Management  &  Events 38

Source:  Netbase blogs  and  message  boards GenY’  Tip: 64%  social  shoppers  consult  before  buying   Social  Media  Management  &  Events 39

Source:  Netbase pinterest  influences  27%  of  buyers GenY’  Tip: approximately  half  of  social  shoppers  look  for  inspiration  on  pinterest Social  Media  Management  &  Events 40

Source:  Netbase instagram  most  inspiring  platform
 GenY’  Tip: inspires  decisions  for  42%  women  aged  18-­‐29 Social  Media  Management  &  Events 41

Source:  Netbase twitter  isn’t  a  major  influencer
 GenY’  Tip: 75%  of  social  shoppers  have  active  profiles. Social  Media  Management  &  Events 42

linkedin  is  the  B2B  networking  site
 GenY’  Tip: perfect  if  you  have  a  B2B  offering Social  Media  Management  &  Events 43

get  ready  for  check-­‐ins
 GenY’  Tip: facebook  check-­‐ins  are  part  of  pages,  but  foursquare  is  independent. Social  Media  Management  &  Events 44

be  prepared  for  
 social  reviews GenY’  Tip: be  ready  to  respond  and  manage  your  reviews,  bad  can  be  made  good Social  Media  Management  &  Events 45

before  you  post  
 always  think  back  to  your  strategy… what  do  you  want  to  achieve?   how  do  you  want  to  be  perceived? GenY’  Tip: Social  Media  Management  &  Events 46

to-­‐do  list  for  right  now • • • • • • get  monitoring  using  free  tools   research  &  clean  up  your  online  presence   blend  strategy  with  creativity  to  stand  out   add  more  positive  content   choose  platforms  which  work  for  your  business   NEVER  forget  to  do  regular  maintenance GenY’  Tip: if  you  have  a  question  tweet  @GenYSocial  and  we’ll  help  :) Social  Media  Management  &  Events 47

so  what  are  your  waiting  for?
 questions? GenY’  Tip: what  did  y’  think?  tweet  me  @JamesTFletcher  or  @GenYSocial Social  Media  Management  &  Events 48

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