Gentrification and The American Dream for Immigrants

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Information about Gentrification and The American Dream for Immigrants
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Published on February 20, 2014

Author: mihai_pruna



Mihai Pruna's reflection on how gentrification is shifting immigrants from cities to the suburbs.

Gentrification: New York awake from the American Dream. An article by Mihai Pruna. The increasing housing demand in NYC are prompting landlords to use any means necessary to evict the tenants occupying rent stabilized apartments. They use tactics like the move-in clause, rent increase justified through minor improvements, fake allegations of profiteering by subletting. Their usually poor tenants don't have the means to defend themselves in court effectively and thus over the past two decades have move out of Manhattan in droves. The newcomers are usually professionals with more income which can afford higher rents. In many cases, those who move out are immigrants or their descendants. Washington Heights is being depleted of its Dominican population. Lower East side has been steadily losing Chinese and Orthodox Jews. The displaced move to the Bronx, the suburbs, to other US cities or even back to their home countries. While the outer boroughs are still fostering ethnic communities, gentrification is spilling over from Manhattan bringing along the White American and her buying power. The increasing influx of immigrants from India and China finds roots not in New York, but all over, from Jersey to Alabama. It is ironic that the symbol most associated with America throughout the world has now become a place where only the richest can afford to live.

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