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Published on October 15, 2007

Author: Arundel0


Mean girls!!!:  Mean girls!!! Genre: Chick flick/comedy/piss take :  Genre: Chick flick/comedy/piss take  Why we like it….. It’s funny because it’s crap Has cheesy music Light and humorous drama with a happy ending Genre definitions:  Genre definitions The term chick flick is slang, sometimes slightly derisive, for a movie which is designed or considered to appeal mainly to women, and generally displaying more of a focus on romance or relationships. Many romantic comedies or films with a lots of female characters are likely to be put in this category Comedy is the use of humour in the performing arts. It also means a performance that relies heavily on humour. The term originally comes from theater, where it simply referred to a play with a happy ending, in contrast to a tragedy. The humor, once an incidental device used to entertain, is now an essential aspect of a comedy. In contemporary usage, parody is a form of satire that imitates another work of art in order to ridicule it. Parody exists in all art media, including literature, music, and cinema. Extreme Stereotyping:  Extreme Stereotyping All the characters in he film are stereotypical American chick flick characters e.g. jocks, cheerleaders, geeks etc which makes it funny. Clichés:  Clichés The whole film is one big fat cheesy cliché. This may be seen as unoriginal but many aspects are intentionally exaggerated to add humour. Slide6:  Even though its taking the piss out of teen movies it still has a serious message and follows a storyline where as some films are just about nothing. The film is aimed at female teens but could be for other audiences if they appreciate that kind of humour. Actors:  Actors The acting in mean girls is of high standard, it is quite professional so they mange to pull off what they do and say without it being too irritating. Slide8:  By Amber and Georgie

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