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Published on March 6, 2014

Author: DenniHepburn


Film title Pulp Fiction Director Quentin Tarantino Year 1994 Genre Crime Thriller Area of Analysis Example Guns Drugs The Femme Fatale Yes Codes and conventions CityDirty/Urban/Wealthy/rich Yes Yes The Femme fatale Hit men-Character Development Boss Yes Yes Yes Setting Character Themes Narrative Non-linear(beginning, middle and end) Elliptical Narrative(Things left out of the story) Time Disordered(goes back and forward in time) Narrative Enigma(we don’t understand it (mystery) Technical feature (Camera/sound/mise en scene/ editing) Conforms to genre? Y/N Breaks conformity? Y/N If yes, how?

Iconography Ideological message Needle/Drugs/1950’s/ Guns No Yes

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