Genocide in Syria (Section 4)

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Information about Genocide in Syria (Section 4)

Published on February 28, 2014

Author: Kricheck


Genocide in Syria : Genocide in Syria By: Gracie, Lexie, Michael and Peter Contents : Contents Background on Syria Syrian Genocide Civil War in Syria Other Countries Getting Involved Refugees Nuclear weapons Syrian Genocide Images Deaths From Syrian Genocide Video Bibliography Syrian Flag : Syrian Flag Syria Background on Syria : Background on Syria In Syria since 1971 The Assad family has held power. For years, people have been angry at the government. They are angry about the lack of economic and political reforms. The people of Syria have been long protesting these matters, but in early 2011 the Assad regime started to crackdown on the protesters. Back to Contents Syria Genocide : Syria Genocide In early 2011, the Syrian president, Bashar al- Assad, began to try to put an end to the growing number of peaceful protests in Syria. President, Bashar al- Assad, used a number of harsh methods against the protesters. This includes, tanks, helicopters and artillery. They were tortured and many were murdered, including children. This caused even more people to protest and the opposition grew and began to fight back. Back to Contents Civil War in Syria : Civil War in Syria A civil war was declared in Syria in July 2012, against the Assad Regime with allied militia and many opposition groups. More than 100,000 people died and six million people had fled the country, many were children. Its said that, "Syria's civil war has indeed evolved as a reaction to a campaign of mass murder.” Back to Contents Other Countries Getting Involved : Other Countries Getting Involved Problems with global security and peace began to arise causing other countries to get involved. Many countries were supplying weapons. Iran was supplying the Assad Regime. The Arab States of the Persian Gulf to many opposition forces. Back to Contents Refugees : Refugees Many people, including children, have fled Syria to neighboring countries. There are now over 2 million Syria refugees. Back to Contents Nuclear Weapons : Nuclear Weapons The crisis took an even more terrible turn on August 21, 2013. According to the US intelligence report, the Assad Regime led a chemical weapons attack. This killed over 1400 people. Back to Contents Syrian Genocide images : Syrian Genocide images Attempt to end Genocide Effects of Genocide Back to Contents Deaths from Syrian Genocide : Deaths from Syrian Genocide There have been over 130,000 deaths so far due to Syrian Genocide. Syria currently has over 2 million refugees. There are over 5 million internally displaced victims. Back to Contents Video : Video Back to Contents Bibliography : Bibliography Back to Contents

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