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Published on January 24, 2009

Author: speaknow09



Slide 1: A small tribute to those who did not have a chance to react or even defend themselves Slide 2: To the innocent souls of children, women, men who died in the ever suffering GAZA Slide 3: To those who were massacred without mercy by the Zionist government Slide 6: Blessed by the silence of the superpower countries Slide 7: To the people of GAZA, I dedicate this work Slide 8: May God Bless Their Souls Slide 14: On December 27th 2008, Israel launched war on 1.5 million civilians in Gaza Strip Slide 18: Gaza’s population mostly refugees were forced out of their lands in the aftermath of 1948 and 1967 wars Slide 31: Over 2500 air raids Slide 32: Almost 1000 tons of missiles dropped Slide 33: on the besieged Strip of Gaza Slide 34: On an area of 365 km2 Slide 36: An area equal to New York and 1/4 of London city Slide 37: In 23 days Slide 38: 1335 civilians were killed Slide 42: 88 old people Slide 44: 111 women Slide 46: 418 children Slide 51: The Israeli Army (ranked 5th in the world) claimed victory Slide 57: 5450 civilians Slide 58: …were either injured, burnt, or handicapped Slide 65: ...terrorized and humiliated Slide 68: …thousands of houses demolished Slide 70: …fuel and food storages burned Slide 72: …tens of schools destructed Slide 74: 23 mosques demolished Slide 78: 230 policemen massacred Slide 80: 14 reporters killed Slide 82: 14 Hospitals, United Nations facilities bombarded Slide 86: …minimum humanitarian aid allowed Slide 88: …thousands of families with no shelter Slide 93: …with shortage in water, food, medicine, and electricity Slide 96: …with shortage in medical staff and facilities Slide 100: All kind of weapons were used Slide 103: including phosphorus bombs F16 crafts, Apache, tanks, artillery Slide 107: Even worse!! Slide 108: Israel experimented new mysterious weapons Slide 112: Gaza suffers a harsh reality and misery Slide 117: …and destruction everywhere Slide 122: People of Gaza are deprived of many human rights Slide 124: Yet holding to an old hope Slide 126: …and look for a peaceful life in Slide 130: FREE GAZA Slide 133: Produced by: © 2009

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