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Published on February 19, 2014

Author: Dylmanski



This is my Genius Hour presentation on How our brains work. It is about the parts of the brain, what they do, why we need our brains. I hope you like it, and you can learn from it! Thanks to all the youtubers that helped make this presentation! I'd like to thank my cousin, Jordan Maron Also. Check out his channel! Thanks!

HOW DO OUR BRAINS WORK How does our brains create ideas, and how does it think? By: Dylan Romanski

WHY WE NEED OUR BRAINS: Without our brains, we couldn’t live. We would forget how to breathe, eat, think, and move. So in other words, we definitely need our brains. They also allow us adapt to new experiences, new places, people, and objects. They help us do everything we are able to do with our bodies, like moving or walking.

WHAT DO THEY DO? Our brains can also make things “pop out” at us. For example, if you were thinking about taxis when you were in New York City, you would see many taxis in the streets driving. If you were thinking about towers or tall buildings, your eyes would pass over a taxi without realizing it, because your brain would be looking for buildings to point out, and not taxis.

THEY CONTROL OUR BODIES Also, our brains tell us that we are having pain, when to move, and what to do in the future, or thinking of memories. If we put our hand on a burning pot, our brains would first recognize the feeling as extreme heat and pain, and then it would yank away our hand. In addition, our brains allow us to hold short and long term memories. We could technically still have memories from when we were first born, because they never actually go away. They are just pushed to the back of your mind and replaced by new memories and thoughts.

THE PARTS OF THE BRAIN Many people think that there are two sides of the brain. The “work side” and the “relaxed side”. Well, their wrong. But there are different parts of the brain. There is the frontal lobe, parietal lobe, occipital lobe, cerebellum, and the temporal lobe.

The frontal lobe is the part of the brain that does the most thinking and planning. It is behind your forehead area. The parietal lobe recognizes thing you’ve experienced before. The occipital lobe sees thing that your eyes see, and turns them into images for your brain. The temporal lobe holds long term memory, and handles sounds you here. The cerebellum manages your movement of your entire body. It gives your body commands and tells it what to do. WHAT THE PARTS DO

 Our brains are very advanced and are much more developed than other specie’s brains. For example, Albert Einstein had a brilliant mind, since he kept on giving his brain more and more knowledge. It kept on getting more and more intelligent, causing him to be brilliant. USE YOUR BRAINS IN THE RIGHT WAY AND YOUR INTELLIGENCE WILL IMPROVE

THANKS FOR WATCHING! I hoped you liked my presentation on how our brains work! I hope you think about how you think more often!

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