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Information about genetically modified wheat

Published on October 4, 2007

Author: Reva


Pros and Cons of Genetically Modified Wheat:  Pros and Cons of Genetically Modified Wheat Created by: Erica Hyman, Maria Sviridova, Sarah Burris Which Wheat is Which?:  Which Wheat is Which? Introduction:  Introduction Population Future Growth First Experiments 1986 Recent Developments Hypothesis:  Hypothesis Disadvantages of growing and commercializing GM wheat outweigh the advantages Economic Legislation Ecological Human Heath Risks Results and Discussion:  Results and Discussion Area Worldwide Source: Cerdeira, A.L. & Duke, S.O., 2005. The Current Status and Environmental Impacts of Glyphosate-Resistant Crops. Journal of Environmental Quality. 35: 1633-1658. Wide Ranging Effects of Genetic and Conventionally Grown Wheat::  Wide Ranging Effects of Genetic and Conventionally Grown Wheat: Peterson, R.K.D., & L.M. Shama. 2005. A Comparative Risk Assessment of Genetically Engineered, Mutagenic, and Conventional Wheat Production Systems. Transgenic Research, 14: 859-875. Results and Discussion :  Results and Discussion Legislation Environmental Contamination Segregation costs Glyphosate resistant weeds Results and Discussion:  Results and Discussion Human Dietary Effects Nutritional Value Enhancement Developing nations Implications:  Implications Public Opinion Bans and Moratoriums Implications:  Implications 4% Decline in market price due to market rejection 10% Decline in market price due to market rejection Implications:  Implications Solutions:  Solutions Improve factors of GM Wheat Cost effectiveness Environmental Risks Human Health Risks Public Education Leading to Acceptance Conclusions:  Conclusions Future research is necessary! Costs of growing GM wheat is too high Society does not endorse the use of GM wheat Therefore, in conclusion, we feel that at this time there are more disadvantages than advantages in the question of GM wheat.

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