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Published on February 6, 2009

Author: mexicanwave



A presentation I gave at the Bristol Knowledge Cafe on 4 February 2009. Not a list, just some thoughts and questions on the topic.


sur vival of the fittest?

generosity became disastrously linked to self-sacrifice works

meaning impact legacy empathy altruism ego are we pre-wired to give? what motivates us to give?

In generosity there is an inherent human self-interest at work. Discuss...

some people remember him for building schools, hospitals and housing

$30,700,000,000 legacy?


‘personal fulfillment’ top priority for 50% of UK adults... compared to 25% in 1983 source: Future Foundation

re-thinking the rules of engagement we want to be engaged in something bigger than ourselves yet we are more distrustful of orgs we are becoming ever more focused on ourselves as individuals yet yearn to be members of communities (indulgence and philanthropy)

spiteful and altruistic bacteria

gender or characteristics?

industrial model of private ownership and the dominance of macho, risk- taking culture?

a generational thing? Harris Interactive Survey

what about blood ties? is there an obligation to be generous?

generosity of spirit

smile graphic by Marc Johns

you are what you share

sharing the joy

you can now be generous during work time

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make brands and people happy to see each other

Join the dance by learning the steps

6 things to discuss... 1. start with people 2. we are what we share 3. is the social web making ‘weak ties’ stronger than ‘blood ties’? 4. successful brands are extremely generous 5. create experiences that mirror people’s aspirations 6. do we need new metrics for ‘generosity’?

Thanks for listening... Steve Bridger keywords: generosity, kindness, empathy, sharing, compassion, caritas, good samaritan, meerkats

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