Generating Narratives through Timespace Data 台大數位典藏研究發展中心蔡炯民博士演講_20130605

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Information about Generating Narratives through Timespace Data 台大數位典藏研究發展中心蔡炯民博士演講_20130605

Published on March 4, 2014

Author: AATaiwan


Generating Narratives through Time-Space Data Chiung-min Tsai Research Center for Digital Humanities National Taiwan University June 5, 2013

Purpose • A narrative is a representation of a history, biography, or process in which a sequence of events has been constructed into a coherent story. • Telling stories trough space and time • Uncovering or answering new questions about past times, past spaces

Emerging Trend • • • • • • Geo-visualization Geospatial Narratives Spatial Humanities Deep Maps Qualitative GIS Narrative GIS

Humanities versus GIS contrasting epistemologies • GIS – space as entities, fields, objects, attributes, spatial primitives, geometric topology, schemas, focus on accuracy and precision, and ultimately, reductionism – Spatial analysis, modeling, optimizing solution space – Scientific method – quantitative and cartographic space • Humanities – – – – – Nuanced emphasis on the individual and the unique Prominent role of story telling and multiple media Question the emergent complex of text and narrative Interlace textures of experience, memory, artifact Maintain imprecision, uncertainty, ambiguity GIS as a Narrative Platform

Data (1) Event: semantic elements (who did what), (2) Time: temporal elements (when), (3) Place: spatial elements (where)

Data Representation • Types of Spatial Data: – points, – lines, – polygons • Coverage of different time

Old Land Deeds of Taiwan 10

Location and boundaries of the land The price The date Deed type Names of the sellers Signatures of the sellers 03/10/2010 Name of the buyer ISGC Names of the witnesses and the scrivener 11

GIS info about the Japanese Colonial Records sub-collection 國中圖臺灣總督府檔案抄錄契約 文書 ( 15899件) 過濾出可判別地號的部份 (約 12000件) 利用自動化的方式區分出地點(堡 庄名完全比對與模糊比對) 透過ArcGIS軟體繪出這些契書的 分佈圖 12

總督府檔案抄錄契約文書GIS查詢系統 13

連結資料庫瀏覽 查閱特定地方之搜尋結果 點閱metadata、全文 及相關人名地名詞頻

• 1700-1836 1700-1838 1700-1850


More Example of Story-telling GIS

More Example of Story-telling GIS 5fccb2af&webmap=051d2c8302a747ce8335a0a1f106fc86

More Example of Story-telling GIS Clickable History


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