General Information On Collective Consciousness

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Information about General Information On Collective Consciousness

Published on February 5, 2014

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General Information On Collective Consciousness

Collective consciousness is used when describing a set of ideas, moral attitudes and beliefs that are shared. It might also be written as the phrase collective conscience. These shared things act as an undivided source in different societies. The term was first used by a French sociologist named Emile Durkheim. He wrote about it in his 1893 book titled the Division of Labor in Society.

The French word conscience is comparable to, and translated as, conscious or conscience in English. It may also be defined as perception or awareness in this language. Some people use the word conscience as if it is a non-translatable foreign word or technical term. In general, it is not relate to moral conscience, but instead, a shared understanding in terms of social norms. As far as collective, Durkheim made it clear that he is not reifying or hypostatizing this concept. For him, the word refers to a social fact, something common to most people.

Durkheim discusses this topic in four of his books, including The Elementary Forms of Religious Life, Suicide, Rules of Sociological Method, and The Division of Labor in Society. He maintained that in primitive or traditional groups a totemic religion is present and has a great effect on unity of members. This is done through developing common consciousness. In these kinds of societies, which center around tribal, clan or family relationships, the traits of consciousness of a person are shared among all in a society, creating mechanical solidarity through a shared likeness.

The concept and term is used outside of the social theory presented by Durkheim. There are several things categorized under this term that represent society of the modern day. This term is used by parapsychologists and sociologists.

Mary Kelsey is a lecturer of sociology who employed the term in the early 2000s. She used this word to describe people who exist in a social group and are aware of the shared circumstances and traits. Said awareness leads people to act as a community in order to have solidarity. Instead of living as an individual, people join forces to create groups that are dynamic and share resources and knowledge.

A newer theory being used suggests that character of consciousness is connected to the form of mnemonic encoding in a group. For instance, groups that are cohesive and have informal set ups usually present major facets of society as episodic memories. This influences that collective ideologies and behaviors, which often leads to indulgent atmosphere, solidarity and exclusive ethos.

In every society, there are different groups, such as organizations, regions, family, nations, community. These units each have their own capacities to think, act, judge, conceptualize, reflect and reform. The varying behaviors identified between the groups will differ based on the varying consciousness. In other words, variations are thought to include practical meaning.

Collective consciousness is a term that was coined in the 1890s by Emile Durkheim. This French sociologist applied the term when referencing shared beliefs, moral attitudes and ideas among societies. The concept has been employed by other sociologists and psychologists when referencing various ideas and theories of the modern day.

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