Genealogy in the Sun 2014 Else Churchill Our Women Ancestors

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Information about Genealogy in the Sun 2014 Else Churchill Our Women Ancestors

Published on March 10, 2014

Author: ElseChurchill



Genealogy in the Sun 2014
Else Churchill
Our Women Ancestors

1 Our Women Ancestors • Else Churchill • Genealogist • Society of Genealogists •

2 Times Newspaper BMD Notice 1816


mtDNA Female Descent from Richard III 4 Compiled by John Ashdown-Hill

Every woman in her place

6 What to read

7 Essential reading

8 Women at Work – London Post Office Directory 1886 • Eliza Ann Kimberly (Mrs) Upholsterer • Fanny Kimpton Kimpton (Miss) Bookseller • Georgiana Kimpton (Miss) Corset Maker • Sarah Kinchin (Mrs) Lighterman • Kindergarten Emporium – Miss E Frost Manageress • Ann King (Mrs) Dressmaker • Ann King (Mrs) Midwife • Augusta King (Miss) White Lion • Catherine Emma King (Mrs) Servants registry

9 Censuses

10 Servants • 1901 -1,330,783 female servants • 1 in 3 Victorian woman aged between 15 and 25 in service • migratory

11 Search A2A, NRA & TNA Discovery

12 National Vigilance Association Reports into registries (NVArecords at Women’s Library)


14 Parish Apprenticeships Mary Harfoot aged 8 “housewifery” in 1775

15 Jane Radburn orphan of the Asylum in the parish of St Mary Lambeth apprenticed in the art of housewifery

16 City of London Apprentices

17 Apprentices of Great Britain 1710-1774 SoG Data & FindmyPast Indexed Images of IR/1 1710-1811on Ancestry • 1773 Ann Mulliner to Eliz Revel – Miliner • 1764 Ann Mullens to Ruth Stacey – Mantua Maker • 1763 Margaret Mullens to Edward Hobbs and Wife – Mantua Maker • 1764 Mary Mullens to – Jane Nash –milliner • 1764 Martha Mumford to Jos Smith – not specified general servant?

18 Returns of Papists 1767 (Durham)

19 Midwives licensed by the church

20 Women and marriage – a few statistics • Mean age of marriage at least 26 • Earlier marriage in towns • Significant numbers of spinsters • Spinsters’ lives shorter • Lots of cohabitation?

21 Church Courts Bawdy Courts or Court of Scolds!

22 London Consistory Depositions Index

23 In a very base and bawdy manner “It being proved by Mary Fry and Ewen Kissack that Isabel Kissack reflected on Alice Kissack in a very base and bawdy manner calling her the wife of him that had the stone privy member “ Consistory Court of Sodor & Man

24 Schedules of Penance • Isabel Kissack asks forgiveness of congregation 1721 (Consistory of Sodor & Man) • Printed fornication before marriage form (Archdeaconry of Nottingham)

25 Nothing but occular inspection could enforce a stronger belief of criminal conversation in Seasalter “They appear, and deny any criminous conv. But say she is his hired servant who lives with him as housekeeper” Consistory Court of Canterbury

26 Separation from Bed and Board Sarah Eves committed adultery with John Southam, an iron monger, who was also found guilty of adultery at Warwick assizes prior to their appearance in the church courts. Witnesses noted Sarah’s tendency to leave the shutters open at night Consistory Court of Lichfield

27 Women on Hard Times Poor Law Records Illegitimacy

28 Examination of Mary Hall 1791

29 Removal of Mary Hall • Removed from Woodbridge in Suffolk to North Elham in Norfolk – presumably her place of birth – along with her two bastard children

30 Bastardy Order - against William Bridger father of Mary Morris’s child

31 Bastardy order against Elizabeth Cock & Horrace Neil 1819 Horrace Neil did begat the bastard child and is ordered by the Justices to pay for its upkeep and the lying in of Elizabeth. She is chargeable to the parish in case she shall not nurse and take care of the child herself

32 Sessions Records

Neglected Affiliation Order 1867 33

34 Southwell Workhouse, Notts Punishment Book

35 MH 12 Poor Law Unions Correspondence

36 Trinity House Petitions at SoG Index on SoG Data Online & findmypast

37 Women in Court

Women in Court - Victims 38 Hereford Times, October 1839. British Newspaper Archives

Women in Court - witnesses 39 Mary Churchill, witness to child assault. Hereford Assizes, Hereford Times 1864 (British Newspaper Archive)

40 Madams

41 Harris’s List


43 Elizabeth Haddock d 1752– Haddock’s Bagnios 1720-1740s Wife of John Haddock “ Whoremaster General of Covent Garden” … kept a string of “coffee shops” or “millinery shops”, and bagnios at Charing Cross and Covent Garden. Elizabeth’s will and inventory shows a wealthy woman with properties at Worton in Isleworth. Fixtures and fittings of the bagnio in Covent garden included 32 beds and 14 dining tables, a wine cellar of £165 8s 5d and silver ware worth twice as much.

Fallen Women in Lime House 1871 44 The fallen women very often don’t know either the names or ages of those men who sleep with them. Their ages therefore were only guessed at

45 Graduated poll tax for disbanding the armies granted by Parliament, 1 1641-1660 (TNA E179) described in Lists & Index Society Vols. 44, 54, 63, 75, 87. Laid down prescribed sums from every one over the age of sixteen and not in receipt of alms according to status in life. Lowest contribution six pence, the highest £100. Catholics paid double, widows a third. For printed returns see Texts & Calendars I & II (Mullins). Listed in Gibson & Dell. 2 This shows the assessment for Waddesdon “The Ladye Dormer being rated £20 being a recusant paid £40”. TNA (E 179/244/4) •

46 Hearth Tax & Exemptions

47 Women in Chancery – Bernau Index

48 1.3m PCC Wills 144,302 widows 58,289 spinsters 13,515 wives

Women in Wills wives, sisters and daughters • …unto my son THOMAS ARROWSMITH … my messuages … situate in Tattenhall Cheshire [and] in Beeston … subject to the payment of the clear yearly sum of £12 … unto my loving wife Elizabeth (executrix) • Son JOSEPH ARROWSMITH £400 (from brother) • Daughter RACHEL ARROWSMITH £150 • Grandson THOMAS DOD £10 • Daughter ALICE wife of THOMAS CHALLINER 20sh • Daughter ELIZABETH wife of JOHN FENNA 20sh • Daughter SARAH wife of ROBERT HINTON • Daughter MARY wife of Thomas FAULKNER 20sh • Daughter MARTHA wife of JOHN BAILY Will dated 24 November 1727 Probate 7 December 1730 @ Consistory of Chester Testator died 11 November 1730

50 In the name of God amen I give to the worst of women except being a whore who is guilty of all ills , the daughter of Mr. Gramont a Frenchman, who I have unfortunately married, five and forty brass halfpence which will buy her a pullet for her supper – a greater sum than her father can often make for I have known when he had neither money nor credit for such a purchase being the worst of men and his wife the worst of women in debaucheries. Had I known their character I had never married their daughter nor made myself unhappy.

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