Gender, land and resource rights - Houria Djoudi (CIFOR)

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Information about Gender, land and resource rights - Houria Djoudi (CIFOR)

Published on March 18, 2014

Author: IIEDslides



Presentation on gender, land and resource rights by Houria Djoudi (CIFOR) for a workshop on Gender and Environmental Change held by IIED in London, UK on 17-18 March 2014. For more info:

Workshop on Gender and environmental change IIED 17-18 March 2014 Session 3. Land and resource rights: the forgotten issue in environmental change debates?

some key messages from CIFOR research 1. We need to unpack environmental and climate change in terms differentiated impacts on institutions and institutional arangement • Example: Climate change induced men migration which result in a significant shifts in institutions and social relations, right and access  new challenges and opportunities for the most vulnerable/women: Iklan and Illelan women in northern Mali

THINKING beyond the canopy History of intervention and policy: Sedentarisation which ignored existing adapted systems based on mobility, flexibility and institutional reciprocity in access and right Drying out of the Lake Faguibine (90ies) Differentiated women’s adaptive capacities Source: Nasa

2. History of intervention and policy which ignored existing adapted systems based on mobility, flexibility and institutional reciprocity in access and right and more autonomy for women Adaptation not only to environmental changes but also to negative impacts of past interventions and policies

3. We need to document, protect and reinforce the already existing institutional tenure arrangements which advantage equitable gender relations Examle: tree tenure versus land tenure in the Sahel

Fruits sur l’arbre Fruits récoltés L’espace d’implantation du néré Aînée G. des Epouses Chacune des épouses lignage Chef du lignage ou du ménage PARTIES DU NERE RESPONSABLE DECISIONS MODE GESTION Collectif/Epouses du lignage Individuel/Epouse du ménage Collégial ou non/Chef lignage ou ménage Trees in landscapes (agroforestry parklands) allow equitable gender outcomes, compared to cash crops. Global market (Shea butter) and agriculture policies (cash crops ) are shifting access right

4. Women are not passive victims of inequitable land tenure they create social space for negotiation. Women develop their own strategies and mechanism to overcome barriers and limits. We need to understand and reinforce those strategies Examples: – Shift in livestock as an asset to over come access barriers for women – Reciprocity in exchanging assets (human assets to social asset Assets

5. Dichotomies in concept and approaches (men/women, state/ communities. Example: Intra community inequities in term of access are crucial too (local authorities, gender, migrants..etc). In terms of access and right addressing contextual local power relations and trajectories of changes (processes) is crucial.

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