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Published on April 27, 2014

Author: msdeeme



CMS 498
Gender Communications: Final Presentation

By Dee Menear

“astheyconveymessagesthat generatedemandforspecificproducts; mediainfluencehowpeopledress, whattheyeat,whattheylooklike,the gamestheyplay,themusictheylisten toandtheentertainmenttheywatch.” (DeFrancisco,2014)

A system of customs perceived as normal or standard. In media, this leaves little room for individual interpretation. Hegemony must be ‘maintained, repeated, reinforce and modified in order to respond to and overcome the forms that oppose it.’ (DeFrancisco, 2014)

Open to a wide range of interpretation. ‘Meaning is not determined by the media providers but created individually by each person.’ (DeFrancosco, 2014)

Having many valuations Chevy depends on the desire of their target to be tough and strong. But what makes a man strong? Is it his truck, his morals, his family, his work? Is it different for every man? ‘Strong’ may not mean the same to all men and this ad covers a wide range of what it might mean to a potential truck owner.

Males are typically shown: -Standing -Head positioned directly at the camera -Eyes are focused -Hands are controlling and assertive -Legs are straight or solidly planted -Mature and manly Females are typically shown: -Lying down -Head is tilted or angled -Not paying attention -Hands are passive -Knees are bent; legs are crossed -Infantile, shown snuggling into men

- Objectification: women are idealized for how they look, not for what they do, and always to be "beautiful". - Absence: women and girls are missing, they are not as numerously or as diversely represented as men. - Misrepresentation: women are represented very narrowly, as wives, girlfriends, mums, preoccupied with dieting and shopping. - Exploitation: women's bodies and female sexuality are used to sell products and sensationalize content. - Distortion: unrealistic representations of "beauty" are damaging body image and the way we value women. (

“When you see female guides in magazines, you often see shapely young women with long flowing hair. I want to see a woman like me.” Charity Rutter The Real Fly Girls “I want my two little girls to see a photo of a woman fishing not because she’s wearing a bikini, but because she’s awesome at what she does.” Kim Bryant

There is no clear, solid line between masculinity and femininity, except for in media.

Media, like art, is creative. Readers, listeners, viewers of media need to be critical of what they are digesting and react accordingly. Audiences have the ability to alter messages by avoiding what is being sold – be it body spray, prime time television or the latest video game.

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