Gender equality in USAID’s program cycle- Nudrat Mufti

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Information about Gender equality in USAID’s program cycle- Nudrat Mufti

Published on March 10, 2014

Author: nudrat_kamran


ADS CHAPTER 205 -Integrating Gender Equality In USAID’s Program Cycle Nudrat Mufti

USAID’s CriteriaFor Assessing PerformanceIndicators Include: • Direct (valid) : Closely represents the result it is intended to measure. • Objective: Unambiguous about what is being measured; has a precise operational definition that ensures comparability over time. • Practical :Data can be collected on a timely basis and at reasonable cost. • Adequate : Only the minimum number of indicators necessary to ensure that key dimensions of a result are sufficiently captured. • Reliable: Data are of sufficient quality for confident decision-making. • Disaggregated where possible: By characteristics such as sex, age, economic status, and location,

PolicyStance On Gender Equality • To advance women’s equal participation with men as decision-makers in shaping the sustainable development of their societies • To support women and girls in the realization of their full human rights • To reduce gender inequalities in access and control over the resources and benefits of development

ADS Chapter205 -IntegratingGender Equalityand Female Empowermentin USAID’s Program Cycle In 2012, USAID adopted several comprehensive and interlinked policies and strategies to reduce gender inequality and to enable girls and women to realize their rights, determine their life outcomes, influence decision-making and become change agents in households, communities, and societies. These policies and strategies include: The Gender Equality and Female Empowerme nt Policy, The U.S. National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security, The U.S. Strategy to Prevent and Respond to Gender- Based Violence Globally, The USAID Vision for Ending Child Marriage and Meeting the Needs of Married Children, and The USAID Counter- Trafficking in Persons Policy

Gender Analysis Is A Subset Of Socio- economic Analysis. Socially Relevant Category Households, Communities, And Countries Age, Income, Ethnicity, Race, Disability Status, Location, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual And Transgender Country, Geographic, Cultural, Institutional, Economic Education, Health, Political participation, Economic activity and earnings, Time use, Violence, and Other relevant domains. Access To Assets, Resources, Opportunities And Services

Domains Of Analysis To Include In Gender Analysis: Cultural Norms and Beliefs Domains of Analysis to include in gender analysis: Gender Roles, Responsibilities, and Time Used Access to and Control over Assets and Resources Patterns of Power and Decision-making

GenderIntegrationand the Program Cycle • Agency Level Policy And Strategy Formulation; • Country Development Cooperation Strategies • Technical Components Of The Solicitation • Statements Of Work, Statements Of Objective And Performance Work Statements • Project Design And Implementation • Spelled Out In The Problem Statement • Reflected In Project Design • Monitoring, Evaluation, And Learning • Tracked By Qualitative Or Quantitative Indicators In Performance Monitoring • Addressed In The Evaluation Plan And Reporting Requirements.

Gender Key Issue • In Operational Plans (OPs) and Performance Plan and Reports (PPRs), the Gender Key Issue is comprised of four sub-key issues Gender Equality/Women’s Empowerment (GE/WE) – Primary Gender Equality/Women’s Empowerment (GE/WE) – Secondary Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Women, Peace, and Security (WPS)

Outcomes Three Outcomes Specified In The Gender Equality And Female Empowerment Policy: • Reductions In Gaps Between Males And Females In Access To/Control Over Economic, Political, And Social Resources; • Reductions In The Prevalence Of Gender-based Violence; • Reductions In Constraints That Prevent Women And Girls From Leading, Participating Fully In, And Influencing Decisions In Their Societies

AdditionalReference • Gender 101 Online Training Course (course code G101GEUSAID) • Gender and Health Resources • Guide on How to Integrate Disability into Gender Assessments and • Analyses • Office of Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment (GenDev) • Tips for Integrating Gender Into USAID Agricultural Sector Solicitations • Tips for Integrating Gender Into USAID Education Sector Solicitations • Toward Gender Equality in Europe and Eurasia: A Toolkit for Analysis

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