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Published on October 9, 2007

Author: Spencer


PROMOTING GENDER EQUALITY IN ASIA & THE PACIFIC: :  PROMOTING GENDER EQUALITY IN ASIA & THE PACIFIC: ILO ROAP GENDER MAINSTREAMING STRATEGY (GEMS) 2004-2007 I:\NH\GMstrat\GEMSstrat.ppt Slide2:  GEMS: WHY The 13th ARM in 2001 confirmed existence of persistent and pervasive gender inequalities ARM Recommendations: - Gender mainstreaming is a priority on the employment agenda - Regular monitoring is needed to measure/concrete progress I:\NH\GMstrat\GEMSstrat.ppt Slide3:  ILO Gender audits (15) show - some good practices - majority of ILO documents: gender blind - confusions on gender terms and strategies  Conclusions: greater effort needed to include GEMS in the structure, substance and staffing of the ILO I:\NH\GMstrat\GEMSstrat.ppt Slide4:  GEMS Development Objectives: Achieve equality of opportunity and treatment for men and women: - at work - in the relation between work and life Elimination of discrimination Equal participation of women and men in decision making in employment, labour and social protection Priority Target Group Women & their families in poverty I:\NH\GMstrat\GEMSstrat.ppt Slide5:  1. Immediate Objective: constituents take positive action to increase gender equality in the world of work Targets in P&B 2004-05: Member States ratify at least 1 additional key equality convention (No. 100, 111, 156, and 183) Member States which have ratified all four key equality conventions Positive changes introduced in member States Measurable progress made in representation of women among ILO constituents/partners I:\NH\GMstrat\GEMSstrat.ppt Slide6:  2. Main responsibilities: All ILO staff irrespective of source of funding: Managers: active leadership and guidance to all Technical specialists: gender analysis and planning in technical fields Programme officers: ensure gender analysis and planning included in design, procedures and budgets Support staff: gender-sensitive language and images Gender specialists and focal points: catalyst and expertise I:\NH\GMstrat\GEMSstrat.ppt Slide7:  Key Results 1. Policy  GEMS prepared based on good practices  GEMS discussed at FSM 2003  GEMS approved and disseminated  ILO member States take positive action - legislation - policies I:\NH\GMstrat\GEMSstrat.ppt Slide8:  2. Programming and budgeting Explicit gender mainstreaming strategies developed in country/ies: in decent work programming in all work plans Progressive ‘learning by doing’ target: One gender-specific action in each sector and country every 2 years Gender tool kit developed and used Training provided to ILO staff and constituents Review in early 2005 to verify targets I:\NH\GMstrat\GEMSstrat.ppt Slide9:  3. All TC projects: Gender analysis: - disaggregate data by sex - check needs of both sexes by age, class and ethnicity - assess impact of ILO support on both men and women - identify gender inequalities Gender planning: - mainstream gender concerns and address gender inequalities in projects - promote ILO key gender equality conventions - set gender-specific indicators I:\NH\GMstrat\GEMSstrat.ppt Slide10:  4. Technical missions: All general missions will:  Disaggregate data by sex  Raise gender with constituents  Report and follow-up on gender Missions in areas/fields where gender equality concerns exist:  As above  Seek the views of gender experts Gender-specific missions:  As above  Include gender expertise in the team I:\NH\GMstrat\GEMSstrat.ppt Slide11:  5. All research will: Disaggregate data by sex Gender analysis, unless evidence exists that gender inequalities do not exist Encourage research on gender (in)- equalities: Progressive target: 1 research paper per technical field every 2 years I:\NH\GMstrat\GEMSstrat.ppt Slide12:  6. Publications/reports to include:  gender analysis and sex disaggregation  gender advocacy  gender-sensitive language/images I:\NH\GMstrat\GEMSstrat.ppt Slide13:  7. ILO staff and consultants: HRD issues recruitment: merit and sex balance of staff gender sensitivity in job descriptions and vacancy announcements standard gender clauses in TORs gender knowledge advantage in recruitments obligatory: gender expertise in recruitments on gender-relevant subjects I:\NH\GMstrat\GEMSstrat.ppt Slide14:  GEMS info package for new recruits better use of GFP system: job description and time allocation maternity and paternity leave for all no excessive weekend travel and work and family-friendly work places assess gender performance in appraisal of managers, specialists and programme officers I:\NH\GMstrat\GEMSstrat.ppt Slide15:  8. ILO events gender in: report for meeting agenda report of meeting invitations: progressive aim 50-50 current target: encouragement of  40% women in general events  40% men in gender events database by status/sex I:\NH\GMstrat\GEMSstrat.ppt Slide16:  9. Training and tools: Updating by all Capacity building of GFPs Capacity building of all, e.g. training in gender and DME for programme officers Any other wishes……….. I:\NH\GMstrat\GEMSstrat.ppt Slide17:  10. Work with constituents  gender advocacy  gender work in country programming/other work  gender training and advice I:\NH\GMstrat\GEMSstrat.ppt

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