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Published on December 22, 2008

Author: royroebuck



Partial representation of the general endeavor management (GEM) metamodel's structure

General Enterprise Management (GEM) Methodology One World Information System GEM Technical Concepts GEM 1.2 GEM Context Management Life Concepts Cycle Concepts 1.2.1 GEM Object 1.2.2 GEM 1.2.3 GEM Assertions Categories Relation Types (Fact, Opinion, Plan, 1. Intelligence Management Function (Ontology) (Ontology) Contingency, Requirement) 1.1 Intelligence Inventory Content Data and Metadata Source Identification, Data and Metadata Extraction, Vocabulary Extraction, Taxonomy Construction, Data Dictionary Construction, Concept Category Mapping (Assertions), Semantic Modeling (Concepts/Data), Grammar, Ontology Location Objects Relations Simple GEM Modeling, Knowledge-Base Development, Topic Map Navigation 1.2 Context/Intelligence Management (Enterprise Dynamic Knowledge-Base using GEM (Class/Subclass) Assertion Primary Assertions Categories and Assertions (RDF Triple) (Ontology) 1.3 Mission-Based Security and Access Provisioning using GEM Context-based Role- Organization Containment Based Access Requirements Definition Objects Relations 2. Enterprise Operations Management Function 2.1 Model the Enterprise Base Object Location 2.2 Inventory and Categorize Functions Organization Unit Sequence 2.3 Architect Functional References and Methodologies (e.g., Enterprise Architecture) (Subject Noun) Objects Relations contains 2.4 Manage Mission (Per Organization, Function, Program, Project, or Person) 2.4.1 Define and/or Validate Mission Organization Establish and Communicate Vision Establish and Validate Goals Function Objects Change Relations Define Performance Objectives (e.g., Measures, Service Levels, Contracts) relation Identify Performance Targets/Indicators (Predicate Verb) Develop Strategies (Requirements Management and Analysis) (Projects) Reference Related Object controls Organization Unit Current Operations (Recurring Functions/Programs/Projects) Process Objects Relations (Predicate Noun) Activities /Services (Performance Metrics) Products /Systems /Software (Product/System Specifications) Costs/Benefits Initiatives (New/Improved Functions/Programs/Projects) Resource Objects Alias Relations performs Function Investment Cost (Infrastructure, Development, Procurement) Performance Impact Operations Cost Impacts Implement Strategy Plans (Projects, Accounting, Configuration Mgmt) Perform Project applies Process Track Project Performance Object Name: Account for Project Resources Manage Project Configurations Description: Measure Project Performance Create Date: Review Strategy Performance Access Criteria: uses or Resource 2.5 Review Value Chain (Products, Customers, Suppliers, Partners, Authorities, Public, Absolute Id: creates Internal Analysis) Relative Id Relation Name: 2.6 Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat (SWOT) Assessment Relation Name: Description: Description: 2.7 Risk Assessment Create Date: Create Date: 2.8 Security Assessment Access Criteria: Resource Role 2.9 Adjust Performance for Mature Mission Management Access Criteria: Absolute Id: 2.10 Manage Full Enterprise Configuration (Reorganization, Reallocation, Absolute Id: Reprioritization, etc.) Object Name: Description: Create Date: Input Resource Access Criteria: Absolute Id: Control Resource Relative Id Management: The purposeful resolution of complexity, inconsistency, and Output Resource chaos in science, society, and perception into a dynamic system of controlled order. Mechanism Resource Resource Life C. How we’ll get there. Cycle State A. Where we Are. (Resolve AsIs into ToBe) B. Where we want to go. (AsIs, Complexity/Inconsistency/Chaos) (ToBe, Controlled Order) Resource Quantity Resource Quality

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