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Published on May 2, 2008

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Slide2:  Design of A Sustainable Project for 2008 Olympic Games - The National Swimming Centre (Water Cube), China Presented by Hongwei (William) Mao P.eng, Chief Engineer, ASHRAE Member China State Construction International Design Consultant Co., Ltd. 2008.04 Slide3:  Section 1 Project Introduction Section 2 Thermal Design Strategy and New Technologies Section 3 HVAC Design Section 4 Building Performance Simulation and Conclusion 内容 Contents Slide4:  Section 1:Design Introduction 第一部分 :建筑方案介绍 Design Team:  Design Team 设计联合体 CSCEC National Swimming Center Design Consortium China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC) China State Construction Design International Consultant Co., Ltd.(CCDI) PTW Architects, Sydney, Australia Ove Arup Pty.Ltd, Sydney, Australia Slide6:  奥林匹克公园 Olympic Green Beijing Municipal Government is building a new precinct in the north part of Beijing, at the northern end of central axis of the city. 北京市政府将在城市北侧,城市中轴线的北端位置上兴建一片新区域—奥林匹克公园。 Slide7:  The site for the NSC is located in the central area of the Olympic Green and has a lot area of about 6.295 hectares. The site is approximately 305 metres by 230 metres. 国家游泳中心位于奥林匹克公园的中心位置,占地6.295公顷,长宽尺寸大约是305米乘以230米。 基地位置 Site Location Slide8:          Design Objectives The design is committed to the ideals that Beijing 2008 has proclaimed to the world: High Tech, Green and Peoples’ Olympics. The National Swimming Centre will conform to the highest international standards and maximise social and economic benefits 2008 Olympic Games venue for swimming, diving, synchronised swimming and water polo events. Large-scale multifunctional aquatic sports centre before and after the 2008 Olympic Games. Multifunctional recreation, sports and fitness services for the public. Slide14:  赛时水池 Game-mode Pools 跳水池 嬉水池 热身池 比赛池(游泳,水球,花样游泳) 陆上热身区 Warm-up Pool Land Warm-up Area Competition Pool(SW,WP,SS) Diving Pool Leisure Pool Slide15:  赛后水池 Post-Game Pools 跳水池 嬉水池 多功能游泳池 游泳池 多功能池 Multi-purpose Pool Program Pool Swimming Pool Diving Pool Leisure Pool Slide16:  剖面变化 Sectional Change 赛时剖面示意 Game-mode Section 赛后剖面示意 Post-Game Section 嬉水池 Leisure Pool 嬉水池 Leisure Pool 比赛厅 Competition Hall 比赛厅 Competition Hall Slide17:  Basement Level -10.00 功能分区 Block Planning Basement Level -10.00 Slide18:  Pool deck Level -5.40 Slide19:  Ground Level 0.00 Slide20:  First Level 6.40 Slide25:  Section 2 Thermal Design Strategy and ESD Technologies Adopted 第二部分 采用的新技术    Slide26:     外墙材料ETFE Facade Material ETFE Slide27:  简介 Brief 立面的双层皮结构由一系列小的单元组成,每个单元的外面都覆盖着一层薄膜-双层聚四氟乙烯(ETFE)。 The facade system comprises of a series of paneled units that are mounted as internal and external skins. A series of Ethylene Tetra Fluoro Ethylene (ETFE) bubbles. Slide28:  材料性能 Material Performance 阻燃材料,熔点为275摄氏度 优秀的隔热保温性能 良好的自洁性 轻质,每层仅0.2MM厚 良好透光性能 正常使用寿命30年。 Self-extinguishing quality ,Melt temperature 275oC Excellent thermal insulation Self-cleaning surface Light weight, average thickness is 0.2MM Good light permeability Design life 30 years Slide29:  施工 Construction ETFE薄膜气泡可在现场外预制,并装在面板上。面板通过独立于支撑结构的可调部件进行提升,并装配在立面上。当面板就位后,将为气泡充气的通风管附着在面板上,并连接到气泵进行充气。 The ETFE bubbles will be prefabricated offsite in panels. Panels are lifted and fitted to the facade by adjustable aluminium lugs that are thermally isolated from the support structure. With the panels in place, air distribution pipes are attached and linked to pumping mechanisms required to keep the bubbles inflated. Cladding installation:  Hook up for air supply Cladding installation Cladding installation:  Cladding installation Venting system:  Venting system Slide37:  The building physics concept is to develop a lightweight insulated façade that acts in principle as a greenhouse as swimming pools are predominantly heating driven in cold area. The transparent triple skin bubble façade acts like a green house to trap the power of the sun thus providing passive heating to the pool and surrounding areas. Thermal Design Strategy 宗旨:设计一个阳光房,因为对于寒冷地区游泳池类型的建筑物来说,热需求是主要的。 可变遮阳系数的围护结构 Seasonally Variable Shading Design:  可变遮阳系数的围护结构 Seasonally Variable Shading Design 冬季平均遮阳系数为0.4, SC= 0.4 in winter 夏季为0.2。 SC = 0.2 in summer Measures: 1、空腔内进行通 Ventilated Cavity 2、不同朝向的ETFE外墙采用不同密度的图案。 patterning the various layers of the facade with translucent painted ‘frit’. Daylighting Study:  Daylighting Study The daylighting design intends to create spaces that are appropriately daylit, according to their usage. The number of ETFE layers and the density of frits painted on ETFE are designed differently to optimize the heat-transfer coefficient, light transmittance, and shading coefficient of the facade. Frits painted on ETFE: Diameter = 16mm,Density = 10%、 20%、30%、50%和65%。 Daylight Illumination of the Olympic Pool Hall Visualisation of the Olympic Pool Hall, Daylight Only 立面照明 Façade Lighting :  立面照明 Façade Lighting The biggest LED façade lighting building in the world Elec. Saving: 550,000 kwh/year, ¥500,000 per year, Compare to T5 fixtures The lighting could be controlled by public in legacy mode. It could also be a stage of “lighting show”. Slide42:  Heat-Recovery chiller is designed to recovery waste heat from chillers for pool heating. Saving = 800,000kwh/per year. Heat recovery (heat pipe) from the warm exhaust to warm up the cool outside air Free cooling system in winter for internal area Natural ventilation technology 80% of the water consumption in the centre is either recycled or collected. This reduces the reliance on water supply and the discharge to sewer. A 1000 ton rain water storage tank is designed for landscaping irrigation and cooling water complementarity. Performance based fire engineering technology 空调冷水机组的冷却水系统采用热回收技术,将废热回收用于生活热水及游泳比赛池池水加热,节省80万度电/年。 空调系统采用了排风热回收技术 充分利用室外新风在冬季对内区提供“免费制冷” 自然通风技术  80% 的水资源可进行有效地使用和循环利用,包括柏油路面陆地地表水,屋顶雨水和游泳池反冲洗系统及集中水利用系统产生的可用水。设计了1000m³的雨水蓄水池,用于景观及空调冷却塔补水。 性能华消防技术 Section 3. HVAC Design 第三部分. 暖通空调专业设计 :  Section 3. HVAC Design 第三部分. 暖通空调专业设计 Design Scope:  Design Scope Game Mode: GFA = 87283m2 (本建筑物赛时面积 87283m2) Post Game:GFA = 11238m2 (除地下车库 11238m2) Design Scope:chiller plant, AC system, heating system, ventilation system, smoke control system, anti-condensation system, etc. 本建筑物暖通设计范围包括:冷冻站、空调系统、采暖系统、通风系统、防排烟系统、防结露系统、人防通风系统。 Slide45:  NSC Indoor Design Parameters Slide46:  Total Cooling and Heating Loads: Cooling Load:Game Mode - 9400 kw,Post Game - 9000 kw Heating Load: 15MW,( Heating :8.5 MW,Pool Water Heating+DHW Heating:6.5 MW) Design Parameters: Chilled water: 5.6 / 13.6°C Condensing water: 37 / 32°C , 40 / 32°C and 37 / 32°C(for heat recovery) Hot water for Radiator:85 / 60°C Hot water for AHU, FC, and Floor Radiator heating system: :60 / 50°C Hot water for pool water heating:55 / 37°C Heating and Cooling Plant: located at Basement II Chiller: 3 * 800 RT (Carrier, 19XR7070546EHS52, 2813kw, water cooled centrifugal chiller) 1 * 400 RT (Carrier, 19XR4040357CPS52, 1406kw, water cooled centrifugal heat recovery chiller, heat recovery from condensing water to preheat pool water of leisure pool) . Cooling towers: located at South Plaza. Heating is provided by the city 选用三台800RT的离心式冷水机组,一台400RT的热回收型离心螺杆机组, 3台冷却塔设于南广场地面上。 热回收型机组冷却水温为32/40℃,冷凝热可用于生活用水的预热和休闲池池水加热,当回水温度高于32℃时,再经冷却塔,将多余的热量散出; 本建筑不单独设置热力站,选用市政热网经换热的二次水为热源。 HVAC System Slide47:  HVAC System:Chilled Water System Air Distribution Competition Pool:  Air Distribution Competition Pool 1—跳水池喷口送风 2—跳水池百叶送风 3—比赛池喷口送风 4—比赛池百叶送风 5—观众席喷口送风 6—防结露喷口送风 7—观众席旋流风口 1’—固定座椅回风 2’—固定座椅回风 3’—比赛池厅回风 4’ –池岸回风 7 7 Standard Nozzle Temperature Distribution:  Temperature Distribution Slide50:  Section 3 Building Performance Simulation 第三部分 模拟技术的应用 Dynamic Thermal Simulation and CFD Simulation:  Dynamic Thermal Simulation and CFD Simulation ARUP+CCDI:internal loads assumed by the IES modelling have been applied by the ROOM modelling ; Computation fluid dynamics (CFD) studies have also been carried out using PHOENICS. Slide52:  CHINA STATE CONSTRUCTION (SHENZHEN) DESIGN INTERNATIONAL COMSULTANT CO. LTD Tsinghua University + CCDI: Cooling and Heating Load calculation: DeST(Designer’s Simulation Toolkit) Space CFD simulation of air temperature distribution, velocity distribution , humidity distribution, etc. by PHOENICS3.3 to fine our HVAC system design. CABR + CCDI: Visualisations were created with the lighting simulation program, Radiance.:  CABR + CCDI: Visualisations were created with the lighting simulation program, Radiance. Annual Energy Consumption Simulation by ESPr software :  Passive solar heating Cavity Ventilation Natural Ventialtion Daylighting utilization Annual Energy Consumption Simulation by ESPr software Slide55:  Heating and Cooling Load, Leisure Pool, Translucent ETFE Cooling and Heating Load in Leisure Pool affected by Transparent ETFE: Passive Solar Heating Heating and Cooling Load, Leisure Pool, Opaque ETFE Slide56:  Cavity Ventilation Temperature vs. Annual AC Elec. Consumption Cavity Ventilation Analysis Slide57:  室外空气温度 比赛大厅室内空气温度 Temperature distribution in May, Leisure Pool, Natural Ventilation Mode Temperature distribution from June to August, Leisure Pool, Natural Ventilation Mode Temperature distribution in Sept., Leisure Pool, Natural Ventilation Mode Temperature distribution from April to October, Competition Pool, Natural Ventilation Mode Slide58:  Annual Elec. Lighting Consumption Comparison: Water cube vs. Reference Building Day lighting Utilization: Water Cube vs. Reference Building Daylighting Simulation Slide59:  CHINA STATE CONSTRUCTION (SHENZHEN) DESIGN INTERNATIONAL COMSULTANT CO. LTD Conclusion: simulated by ESPr software Annual energy consumption has been simulated and compared between Water Cube and a reference building set up by China Design Standard for Energy Efficiency of Public Buildings(GB50189-20050. The result shows that Water Cube can save 895.63 MWh (elec.) annually, around 9.29% of total HVAC elec. Consumption. 与国家《公共建筑节能设计标准》(GB 50189-2005)中的参考建筑相比,实际建筑全年耗电量低约895.63 MWh,占总的空调系统耗电量的9.29%。 Cavity temperature Network-based air flow simulation Slide60:  Thank You! Contact address:

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