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Published on March 8, 2014

Author: Suzanne_Powell



PowerPoint Presentation: Pump Unit Comparison 1000VSDS vs. 10600D 1 PowerPoint Presentation: 1000VSDS 2 10600D ENGINES: 600 HP Caterpillar C-16, Tier II Electronic Cummins QSX 15, Tier II Electronic Detroit Series 60, Tier II Electronic John Deere 6125HF70, Tier II Electronic Nationwide Support All Engines Above at Tier III Available ENGINES: 600 HP Caterpillar C-16, Tier II Electronic Nationwide Support PowerPoint Presentation: 3 1000VSDS 10600D PUMP: Quintuplex, smooth operation , Model QF-450SB Integrated planetary gear box with common oil system for power end/gear box Sectionalized “L” design with efficiencies to 97% Easy fluid end change-out to 12,000-25,000 PSI fluid end with flows to 73 GPM. PUMP: Triplex – rough operation, frequent maintenance Integrated gearbox Inline design pump – efficiency to 95.5% Difficult field conversion (2 hours with 1 man) Conversion kit with separate stuffing boxes, plungers and other hardware (over pressure protection, etc.) to 20,000 PSI. PowerPoint Presentation: 1000VSDS 10600D PUMP: Alloy steel crank shaft with four sets of roller type main bearings. Drilled crankshaft for true forced oil lubrication (superior quality) Oil cooler and oil filter system Stainless or anodized aluminum suction manifold Adapting plate material high strength alloy steel. Low oil level, low oil pressure and low water pressure safety shutdowns. Dual stainless steel bag filter systems, pump is fed from two sided. PUMP: ? ? ? Stainless frame & manifold ? ? Stainless steel filter 4 PowerPoint Presentation: 5 PowerPoint Presentation: 6 PowerPoint Presentation: 1000VSDS PUMP - Continued: Stroke: 4.5” quintuplex Design horsepower 600 HP Engine Frame load: 25,000 Lbs. for FIVE plungers Clutched single speed or transmission configuration. Transmissions with 4 or 9 gear selections, transmission oil cooler and filter. Elastomer inserted valves for long wear and dirty water service Ease of maintenance Reasonably priced pump parts PUMP - Continued: Stroke: 5.5” triplex Design horsepower 600 HP Engine Frame load: 37,500 Lbs. for THREE plungers Clutched transmission service with up to 12 gear selections confusing to some operators Metal to metal valve design Frequent maintenance and valve change-outs required. Expensive pump parts 10600D 7 PowerPoint Presentation: PUMP - Continued: Pump RPM to 320 RPM correct for 5.5” stroke Maximum flow with largest plunger group: 143 GPM. 8” structural open skid with no deck plate Crowded operations with awkward accessibility to controls. Introduced in February 2005: new, unproven field reliability 1000VSDS 10600D PUMP - Continued: Pump RPM to 500 RPM correct for 4.5” stroke. High flow fluid end rated for pressures to 10,000 PSI and flow rates to 172 GPM. Heavy duty 10: structural steel skid with ¼” tread deck plating. Ease of operation and accessibility to all controls 20 years in constant production, field proven reliability with 100+ units operating. 8 PowerPoint Presentation: 9 PowerPoint Presentation: 10 Gardner Denver’s Advantage “Things That Set Us Apart”: Gardner Denver’s Advantage “Things That Set Us Apart” Quintuplex pump for smooth operation with lower operating costs and infrequent maintenance requirements Two complete single piece fluid ends: One rated to 10,000 PSI with max. flow capacities to 172 GPM The second complete fluid end rated to 25,000 PSI with max. flow capacities to 73 GPM. High pressure fluid ends (12K- 25K) uses solid tungsten carbide plungers Higher efficiency rated Drilled crankshaft with forced oil lubrication on rod bearing, wrist pin bearing and crossheads. Four sets of main roller bearings immersed in oil. Much superior system to competition. Transmission service permits variable flows and pressures. Elastomer inserted valves for dirty water service 11 Gardner Denver’s Advantage “Things That Set Us Apart”: Gardner Denver’s Advantage “Things That Set Us Apart” Ranges of single speed performances 10K HEAD: 172 GPM @ 5,000 PSI 146 GPM @ 6,000 PSI 135 GPM @ 6,500 PSI 117 GPM @ 7,500 PSI 101 GPM @ 8,500 PSI 88 GPM @ 10,000 PSI Elastomer inserted valves for higher efficiency and ability to pump dirty water (10K fluid end). Five U.S. stocking locations with parts and service capabilities. Higher flow capacities with larger pumps available to 3,000 HP 12 25K HEAD: 73 GPM @ 12,000 PSI 60 GPM @ 15,000 PSI 44 GPM @ 20,000 PSI 36 GPM @ 25,500 PSI PowerPoint Presentation: 13 Your “One Source” Solution: Your “One Source” Solution Gardner Denver Water Jetting Systems 12300 N. Houston-Rosslyn Rd. Houston, TX 77086 Toll Free: 800-231-3628 Fax: 281-448-7500 14

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