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Published on December 1, 2008

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GCSE Revision : GCSE Revision Marriage and Divorce Key Beliefs – Christian : Key Beliefs – Christian The ideal Christian life is one of celibacy Better to get married than to sin God’s intention then is that most will leave their parents and be joined in marriage Only proper context for sex The marital family unit is God’s intention for society Partner Selection - Christianity : Partner Selection - Christianity Choose your own marital partner Will probably want a partner who shares commitment to Christ Courting is acceptable Sex before marriage unacceptable Reason for marriage will normally be LOVE Wedding Ceremony - Christianity : Wedding Ceremony - Christianity Church Bible readings Hymns Vows Ring Dress Father of the Bride Divorce - Christianity : Divorce - Christianity Marriage supposed to be eternal Jesus said divorce only allowed for adultery Bible teaches that humans should not separate what God has joined Most Christians accept that some marriages are going to break down and that divorce should be permitted Roman Catholics do not religiously accept state divorce – still married in God’s eyes Roman Catholics allow annulment in rare circumstances Key Beliefs - Islam : Key Beliefs - Islam Married family life is the Muslim ideal Allah rewards and blesses the happily married Extended family is very important within Islam Marriage is the union of two families not just two individuals Polygamy acceptable (up to 4 wives) Partner Selection - Islam : Partner Selection - Islam Arranged marriage Partner chosen by parents on the basis of religious devotion Muhammad taught not to choose a partner on the basis of looks or money Not forced marriage Obeying parents = obeying Allah Occasionally the couple will not meet until wedding The Wedding - Islam : The Wedding - Islam Most important part is the signing of the Nikah – a legally binding contract May take place in a mosque and be led by the imam (not necessarily) Mahr paid to the bride by the groom Vows Rings Readings from the Qur’an Divorce - Islam : Divorce - Islam Muhammad taught that divorce is the most detestable act that Allah allows Therefore divorce accepted – but not desirable Should be last resort Three month waiting period (iddah) Extended family will attempt mediation Both partners free to re-marry Both partners have a right to seek a divorce

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