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Information about GAS TURBINE

Published on February 11, 2011

Author: ikram0175


GAS TURBINE: IKRAM SINGH HARIKA B TECH 6 MAE 1Y A2305408048 GAS TURBINE What is Gas Turbine?: A Gas Turbine is a rotary engine that extracts energy from a flow of combustion air. It is also known as “Combustion turbine”. What is Gas Turbine? Working Principle: The gas turbine operates on the principle of the Brayton Cycle, where compressed air is mixed with fuel and burned under constant pressure conditions. The resulting hot gas is allowed to expand through a turbine to perform work. In a efficient gas turbine, approximately 60% of this work is spent compressing the air, the rest is available for other work i.e.( mechanical drive, electrical generation). Working Principle Brayton Cycle: Brayton Cycle Main Sections Of Gas Turbine: A simple gas turbine is comprised of three main sections : compressor, combustion chamber and power turbine. Main Sections Of Gas Turbine Slide 6: A compressor to compress the incoming air to high pressure. A combustion chamber is the area to burn the fuel and produce high pressure, high velocity gas. A turbine is to extract the energy from the high pressure, high velocity gas flowing the combustor. Working of Gas Turbine: Working of Gas Turbine Advantages: Very high power to weight ratio. ( It is used as a measurement of performance of a vehicle as a whole, with the engine's power output being divided by the weight (or mass) of the vehicle, to give a metric that is independent of the vehicle's size.) Low operating pressures. High operation speed. Low lubricating oil cost and consumption due to less moving parts. Advantages Disadvantages: Cost. Less efficiency. Longer startup. Less responsive to change in power demand. Disadvantages Fuels: Kerosene. Jet fuel. Propane. Natural gas. Fuels Applications: Applications Jet Engines: Jet Engines Power Generation: Power Generation Cars: Cars Trains: Trains Marine Industry: Marine Industry 3-D Animation Of Gas Turbine: 3-D Animation Of Gas Turbine Thank You.: Thank You.

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