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Published on December 2, 2008

Author: aSGuest4911


Developing Nature-Based Tourism Opportunities : Developing Nature-Based Tourism Opportunities NaTour COMMUNICATIONS Jeremy Garrett, President Quick Definitions : Quick Definitions Nature Tourism: Tourism showcasing nature Ecotourism: Nature-based tourism that primarily benefits local needs and interests Agritourism: Tourism that showcases agricultural products and destinations Cultural / Heritage Tourism: Tourism concentrating on local history and culture Adventure Tourism: Tourism with an element of risk, generally human-powered ALL TOGETHER: “Experiential Travel” Nature Tourists –Why All the Fuss? : Nature Tourists –Why All the Fuss? U.S. Wildlife Watching : U.S. Wildlife Watching 71.1 Million people (31% of population) over 16 fed or observed wildlife 23 Million (10% of population) took trips for the primary purpose of observing, photographing or feeding wildlife California ranks FIRST in the country for In-State Wildlife Watchers (6.2 Million) Source: 2006 National Survey of Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife-Associated Recreation – U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Percentage of U.S. 16 & OlderParticipating in Birdwatching : Percentage of U.S. 16 & OlderParticipating in Birdwatching Source: 2006 National Survey on Recreation and the Environment Wildlife Watching Expenditures : Wildlife Watching Expenditures Trip expenditures per participant: $560/year Average Trip expenditures: $37/day Source: 2006 National Survey of Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife-Associated Recreation – U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service California Wildlife Economics : California Wildlife Economics California ranks FIRST in the nation for its wildlife economic output: $4.2 Billion in Retail Sales $7.9 Billion Total Economic Impact $2.9 Billion Salaries; 71,589 Jobs $694 Million State & Local Taxes, $662 Million Federal Taxes Source: 2006 National Survey of Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife-Associated Recreation – U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Who Are These Nature Touristsand Experiential Travelers? : Who Are These Nature Touristsand Experiential Travelers? Tourism Trends -- What We Know : Tourism Trends -- What We Know 76% of Americans like to visit new places 71% don’t want to damage a destination during their visit 61% feel travel experience is better when the destination preserves natural features 57% are attracted by an area’s culture 48% are interested in remote and untouched destinations 44% like to learn new skills or engage in new activities during their trip Source: 2002 Geotourism Survey, National Geographic The Rise of Cultural Creatives : The Rise of Cultural Creatives 26% of U.S. (50 Million) changed values since 1970s, creating Cultural Creatives Over 80% of this group Like what is foreign and exotic See nature as sacred Hold general pro-environmental values Believe in ecological sustainability Want to rebuild neighborhoods and communities They seek: Organic/Exotic Foods, Quality Books & Informational Radio, Health & Spirtuality Products, Personal Growth, Knowledge, Ecotourism Source: Cultural Creatives, Ray & Anderson, 2000 Characteristics ofEntry-Level Bird Watchers : Characteristics ofEntry-Level Bird Watchers Female Between 40 to 59 years old Birds up to 10 days/year; engages in related activities such as walking for pleasure, visiting nature centers Lives in a suburban area Modest- to middle-income standard of living May not have college degree Source: H. Ken Cordell, Nancy G. Herbert, USDA Forest Service Characteristics ofExperienced Bird Watchers : Characteristics ofExperienced Bird Watchers Male (but percentage of females increasing) 30% are 46 to 55 years old 77% have college degree Average family income $60K 85% travel out of their state to bird Bird for enjoyment, education and because of an interest in conservation Source: American Birding Association Nature Tourist Demographics(Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail) : Nature Tourist Demographics(Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail) Source: Avitourism in Texas, 1999 Type (n=1828 to 2100) California Wildlife Enthusiasts : California Wildlife Enthusiasts Source: 2006 National Survey of Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife-Associated Recreation – U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Experiential Tourists Seek: : Experiential Tourists Seek: (And which of these does rural California have?) Scenery and nature Nature-related, active pursuits Multiple activities Mid-range accommodations High-quality interpretation Access to unique or remote sites California’s Nature Tourism Potential : California’s Nature Tourism Potential Rural California Assets : Rural California Assets Abundant natural resources e.g. scenic landscapes, great national & state parks, diverse wildlife Rich cultural history Many recreational opportunities Those little “extras” e.g. friendly people, small-town hospitality Rural California Challenges : Rural California Challenges Traveler Perception – little to see or do outside of amusement parks, big cities & national parks Shortage of promotional resources – human and financial Lack of services and infrastructure – including lodging, restaurants, vast distances, under-developed attractions Developing “outside” partnerships Current Travel Challenges : Current Travel Challenges Cost of travel: gas; flights More travelers taking spontaneous last-minute trips, often closer to home and shorter in nature (e.g. weekend travel) Lack of leisure time makes packages easier to buy Rural California Opportunities : Rural California Opportunities Expand experiential travel products to include activities & festivals reflecting wildlife, culture, agritourism and adventure Develop more packages for various visitor profiles to simplify traveler choices Train guides for wildlife watching and natural history tours Position rural California as an experiential travel destination for all types of visitors Experiential Travel Branding : Experiential Travel Branding Use a brand to increase visitor awareness of a destination > 35 states have highway-based wildlife “trails” connecting (especially) rural communities Why? Branded trails create a single “product” that is easier to market and has more appeal to long-haul travelers than individual communities or attractions Nature Tour Packaging : Nature Tour Packaging Combines travel elements (lodging, tour, food) at pre-determined price Provides better price and more convenience to experiential travelers, who lack time to research individual trip and lodging options Can make it easier to sell your product or destination via websites Most Popular Adventure Packages : Most Popular Adventure Packages 21.3% - rafting 17.4% - kayaking 15.2% - hiking 14.0% - trekking 12.4% - ecotours 10.7% - safaris 10.1% - canoeing 8.4% - wilderness trips Most Popular Product: 23.6% -- multi-activity travel packages in exotic destinations Source: 2005 Reasons for Nature Festivals : Reasons for Nature Festivals Market Awareness – Gain media attention and get on tourists’ calendars Education – Emphasize local historic events or natural resources Economic Impact – Add new tourism dollars for local community efforts Community Involvement – Increase local quality of life Slide 25: Great Resource : Great Resource For more ideas and practical ideas on running your company or designing your destination for nature tourists: The Business of Ecotourism Carol Patterson Conclusions : Conclusions Experiential Travel Brands Easier to market a single product Scenic Corridors, Driving “Trails” Increase time spent in a region Tour Packages Increase length of stay; pre-sell destination Nature Festivals Help establish awareness of destination For More Information: : For More Information: Jeremy Garrett, President NaTour COMMUNICATIONS

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