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Information about Gangs

Published on October 15, 2008

Author: aSGuest1048



Gangs : Gangs Gangs : Gangs Group, organization, association Three or more individuals Common purpose in criminal activity, either collectively or individually Gangs : Gangs Typically have paramilitary structure, hierarchies of leadership May split into “sets” Heavy emphasis on recruiting new members Numbers = Safety Gangs : Gangs Members can be as young as 9 or 12 (peewees, wannabees) Most are recruited in junior high--ages 13 or 14 Typical gang member is 14 to 20 (gangbangers) Leaders are usually 18 to 20 with a few up to 24 or 25 (hardcores) Entire families may be members with three generations represented Gang Mindset : Gang Mindset Three basic fears Poverty Not fitting in Disrespect (Being “dissed”) Gang Mindset : Gang Mindset The Code of Honor If you let yourself be disrespected, you’ve let the gang be disrespected, and you will face the consequences! The Gang Mindset : The Gang Mindset The Three R’s Reputation (Rep) Respect Retaliation/Revenge No Challenge Goes Unanswered! Gang Characteristics : Gang Characteristics Clothing Tattoos Hand signs Graffiti Handling Gang Members : Handling Gang Members EMS usually is perceived as “neutral” Uniforms should look as different from law enforcement as possible Avoid questions that can be perceived as “interrogation” about specifics of a crime Demonstrate respect at all times, including when you’re not on calls Handling Gang Members : Handling Gang Members Know whose “turf” you’re on Reluctant, tough behavior by patients may be posturing for other members Explain what you’re doing and why Treat possessions as extensions of persons Use gang leaders to help you control situations Handling Gang Members : Handling Gang Members Pay attention to the crowd Minimize time on scene Know when to leave! Gang DON’TS : Gang DON’TS Don’t approach if multiple gangs present Don’t assume you are welcome Don’t separate patient until ready to leave Don’t treat gang members in the open Don’t cut “colors”, especially in public Don’t treat gang members like children Graffiti : Graffiti Gang name = Gang turf (usually) Multiple gang names = Shared territory Graffiti : Graffiti Gang names written over, crossed out = Challenge or war Graffiti : Graffiti Black graffiti Crude Lacks detail Often offensive Graffiti : Graffiti Latino graffiti Colorful Artistically creative Indicates cohesiveness Identifies gang, territory Used to communicate with other gangs Graffiti : Graffiti White graffiti Frequently includes slurs against minorities, homosexuals Often contains names of Punk or Heavy Metal groups Satanic, devil worship, Nazi symbols Generally does not mark territory

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