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Published on March 13, 2014

Author: pushkarc


Gandhian concept of Trusteeship Amit Tripathi Anshuman Accanoor Pushkar Choudhary

What is the ROLE Of business ?

Is it profit maximization ? OR Is it contribution to society ?

Gandhiji had the answer… Trusteesh ip

 Gandhiji’s ideas focused around the concept of Dharma – duty to the society  The role of business as being that of a trustee or steward of what you hold  Surplus wealth needs to be kept in trust for common good and the welfare of others

Trusteeship is about Common Good

Trusteeship is about Welfare of others

Trusteeship is about Non violence

Trusteeship is about Economic Equity

Trusteeship is about Kindness

Who is a Trustee?  Self-consciously assumes responsibility for upholding, protecting and putting to good use whatever he possesses, acquires or earns  Self-governing and morally sensitive  Aware of the unmet needs of others  Deeply committed to cultivating his most generous feelings for others  Consciously and patiently frees himself from exploitative attitudes and relationships

Dharma or ethical & moral values contrasted by “seven sins”: 1. Wealth without work 2. Pleasure without conscience 3. Knowledge without character 4. Business without Ethics or Commerce without Morality 5. Science without humanity 6. Worship without sacrifice 7. Politics without principle

 Inherent in this philosophy are entrenched solutions to many of the challenges of the 21st century:  Sustainable consumption – consume what is enough for your needs without doing harm to others  Utilization of natural resources in a sustainable way – you are a trustee and you need to take care of what has been freely provided by nature  Dignity of labor and equitable distribution of wealth – wealth alone is not the answer, to feel happy you need to ensure that the people who work for you and society at large is taken care of  Sustainable livelihoods – and not charity – are a

“The act of renunciation of everything is not a mere physical renunciation, but represents a second or new birth. It is a deliberate act, not done in ignorance. It is, therefore, a regeneration.” – M. K. Gandhi

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