Gandalf's Death (Latin)

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Published on February 11, 2014

Author: ktoy



Sociis Mōriāna per metalla festinantibus, Mōriāna per metalla BALRoC fremēns ardēnsque appāruit.

Sociī effūgērunt, paventēs.

Currēns, Legōlās “effugere nōn possumus!!” gemuit. Tunc— Tunc— “ECCE PŌNS!!!!”

Ex BALROCE Orcīsque aggredientibus effugientēs, pontem advēnērunt.

Trans pontem angustum, sagittās dēvītantēs, currēbant.

Gandalfus sōlus mediō in ponte accedentī BALROCI obstābat.

clāmāns “NĒ PRAETEREĀS!” Gandalfus “NĒ PRAETEREĀS!” pontem frangēns BALROC dēiēcit.

Sed Gandalfum āversantem flagellō BALROC ē ponte trāxit.

Gandalfus pontem adhaerēns, sociīs stūpentibus, “Fugite,” clāmāvit, “stultī!”

Sīc in tenebrās dēcidit Gandalfus. in Tenebrās

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