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Published on March 16, 2014

Author: bwilder2


Gaming with Education: Gaming with Education By: Brittany Wilder Who Has time for gaming?: Who Has time for gaming? Gaming has many positive aspects for the classroom. Here are two that I feel are enough to encourage teachers to incorporate it into their classrooms: A. Gaming increases student achievement. B. Gaming personalizes the content being taught or instruction. Video game usage: Video game usage Today, kids love video games. They would rather play video games inside rather than go outside and play. With that being said, incorporating video games into the classroom will put students in their learning element which will encourage them to learn in their own way and at their own pace. We have now created a student centered classroom and not a teacher centered classroom. Scared of technology: Scared of technology Most adults today are scared of technology. They are accustomed to what is familiar to them and are scared to make a change. However, kids are accustomed to technology today and so we need to incorporate the content they need to learn with what they are familiar and comfortable to them to enhance learning. How does gaming increase motivation?: How does gaming increase motivation? Gaming encourages students to be active by requiring them to constantly manipulate objects and other items. Students have the privilege of directing their own learning and at their own pace. The students will now feel in control of their learning. Experiential learning is taken place as well if gaming is incorporated into the classroom. Students are able to “experience” learning. Life Skills: Life Skills Gaming can also encourage the following social or life skills: A. Problem Solving Communication Collaboration Negotiation Bad reputation for gaming: Bad reputation for gaming Most people believe the gaming is bad for kids because it takes away “playing outside” time for kids. I believe that gaming should be done by children today in moderation. “Playing outside” should be in a child’s life, however, gaming is not always just for “fun” games. There are tons of educational games that are available for children to choose from. Gaming Options for all ages: Gaming Options for all ages Elementary Upper grades Image Source: Works Citing: Works Citing

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