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Information about Gaming ready laptops from lenovo

Published on December 16, 2016

Author: Rahulgomes


1. GAMING READY LAPTOPS FROM LENOVO Lookingfora laptopthatcan provide youAAA-gamingexperience,be lightweightedandyetlighteron your pocket?CheckoutgamingreadylaptopsfromLenovo.Made withthe most advancedhardware, these laptopsare powerful enoughtosupportyourfavorite gamesatitshighestsettings,yetso affordable thatitcouldeasilyfitintoyourbudget.LenovoYSeriesisspeciallybuiltanddesignedforthe gamersand come witha promise todeliverasmoothgamingexperience.Some of the toplevel gaming laptopsare discussedbelow. Lenovo Y50-70 The Y50-70 is a 15.6 inch relativelycompactgaminglaptop.The superioraluminiumchasisgivesitabold lookand itsgreat computingpowermakesitagamingreadylaptop.It successfullycombinesmid-range gamingwithan ultra-sharpdisplay.The installedquad-coreprocessorprovidesanadvantage overdual- core processorsinsingle-threadperformance,whichismore importantforroutine use.The GeForce GTX 960M graphicscore helps inquickrenderingof gamesina smoothmanner.Followingare some of the most importantfeaturesof LenovoY50-70: The Key Featuresinclude: Display The LenovoY50-70 has a 15.6 FHD Displaythat enablesforatop-of-the-line Laptopexperience.This enablestohave anout of the worldviewingexperience. SuperbStereo Sound Games,music,videos,whateveryouprefermost,LenovoY50-70 fulfillsall yourneeds.WithDolby® Home Theater®,itcreatesthe surroundsoundenvironmentforamemorable experience everytime.The JBL® stereospeakersandsubwoofermakesthe soundmore crispandclearforyour ears. More storage It has upto 1TB SSHD storage area withgreat space forgamesand mediafiles. Keyboard The LenovoY50-70 has aAccuType keyboardwithamodern lookandfeel.Ithasflatand slightlycurved keysthat enhance comfortduringtyping.The one withabacklitkeyboardcanbe selectedforeasy typingina low-lightenvironment. Optical drive The LenovoY50-70 has an integratedDVDorBlue Ray Discdrive that helpsinloadingsoftware and gamesevenwithoutthe assistance of aninternetconnection. Lenovo IdeapadY700 The Lenovo Ideapad Y700 comeswitha 15 inch displaythatmakesgamingevenmore enjoyable.This notebookisalsoappropriate forwatchingmovies.IthasavibrantframelessFullHD(1920 x 1080) display withfeatureslike anti-glare,true vividcolorsandnearly180° of wide-angle viewing.Some of the most importantgamingreadyfeaturesof LenovoIdeapadY700 are the following: AMAZINGDISCRETE GRAPHICSfor livelyimagesandgraphics

2. Intel Core i7-6700 HQ Processorfor quickestcomputing 1TB Harddrive tostore as muchas you like A 4 Cell batterywithupto5 hourslife todo more withoutrepeatedcharging NvidiaN16P-GXGDDR5 4G (Hybrid) graphicstomake gaminga memorable experience Optional BacklitKeyboardwithbrightnesscontrol thatletsyougame, surf,andchat longintothe night Apart fromthe gamingreadylaptops,there are few otherrangesare also appropriate fora smooth gamingexperience.Amongthese thereare LenovoThinkpadX1CarbonBusinessUltrabook,Lenovo ThinkpadT460 6th Generation Laptop,LenovoThinkpadE460 6th GenerationLaptop.Some of the importantfeaturesof these productsare the following: Lenovo ThinkpadX1 Carbon BusinessUltrabook Features:  Fabricatedwithsatellite-gradecarbonfibermakesitatough machine  SleekDesignhwiththe revolutionarynew thermal technology  Longerbatterylife deliveringupto11 hoursof uninterruptedactivity  6th GenerationIntel Core i76500U Processor  14" QHD Non-TouchDisplay  8GB DDR III RAM  512 GB SSD HDD, and Intel HD Graphics520. Lenovo ThinkpadT460 6th GenerationLaptop Features:  Intel® 6thGen Core™ i processorswithbuilt-insecurityandIntel® vProTechnologymake gamingeven more convenientandefficient.  Windows10 helpsyoustay up-to-date andhasmore built-insecurity featurestoprotectagainst malicioussoftware  1920x1080 FHD anti-glare displaywithIPSandenjoythe vividcolorsandclose to180ᵒ viewingangle  StereoSpeakerswithDolby®Home Theater® Lenovo Thinkpad E460 6th GenerationLaptop Features:  6th GenerationIntel Core i5- 6200U Processor  8GB DDR III Memory  1 TB SATA HDD  14.0" LED Display  Intel HD Graphics  Dolby® SpeakersWithAdvancedAudio™  Integrated720p HD Webcam& Dual Noise-CancellingMicrophones  Long batterylife upto9 hoursat a stretch.

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