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Published on January 7, 2014

Author: OriginalGSM



For my Unit 3 in my Cisco work, this is the last part of P2.
I have compared 2 different gaming consoles, the Xbox one and the PS4. I have compared the hardware and software of the machines in an easy-to-read format.

GAMING CONSOLES By George Smith-Moore

 The Play Station 4:      It has an AMD CPU and GPU, and a 500GB HDD The CPU consists of 2 quad core Jaguar modules The GPU is similar to the RADEON HD 7870 It has 8GB of GDDR5 RAM It uses a Blu-ray drive   It features: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth The Controller  It uses the dual shock 4 controller It connects via Bluetooth  It features a touchpad and a share button (for social media)  It has a headphone jack, and it is charged by micro USB.   PS Move (Camera) It includes 2 1280/800px lenses, it has an 85o POV.  With a 30cm focusing distance.  It can be used to issue commands. 

 The Play Station 4:      It runs an OS called „Orbis OS‟. It console does not require an internet connection but a richer experience would be created with it. Once connected to the internet (it will connect to PSN), users will have a variety of services. The home screen is called Play Station Dynamic Menu. If used in conjunction with the PlayStation Camera, users can use voice commands.  Retail price: £349

 Xbox One        Controller    The exterior casing consists of a two tone finish, half matte grey, half glossier black. It is powered by AMD “jaguar”, with two quad core modules clocked to 1.75GHz It has 8GB of DDR3 RAM and 32MB of embedded static RAM, ESRAM. It has a 500GB HDD Blu-Ray Optical drive It will support a 4K resolution, The GPU is similar to the RADEON HD 7790. The controller is similar to the Xbox 360 controller. It has slight adjustments like separate rumble pads, etc. Kinect  It now features 1080p, and can track up to 6 people at once, it performs heart rate tracking, scans QR codes, and can awake the console with voice commands.

 Media inter-connectivity.   Voice control.    The Xbox one OS looks and feels similar to the Windows 8 OS, it allows multi-tasking, it runs TV, and has a HDMI pass-through (you can plug other HDMI devices into it). More voice commands available. Skype will be integrated. OS.  It will run 3 OS‟: the Xbox OS, a windows OS based kernel, and another OS (for multitasking).  The retail price: £429.99

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