Gamifying Social Studies MACE 2014

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Information about Gamifying Social Studies MACE 2014

Published on March 7, 2014

Author: glennw98


“If you wanted to create an educational environment that was directly opposed to what the brain is good at doing . . .

“. . . you would probably design something like a modern classroom.” John Medina
 Brain Rules

sticky idea?

video games help rewire brains

rewiring brains is a good thing

research & rationale share resources action plan demo some games

AP US History

“. . . you would probably design something like a modern classroom.” John Medina
 Brain Rules

characteristics of a highly effective learning environment?

• students make choices • students become experts • solving problems is required • immediate feedback

• there’s always an answer • “cheating” is allowed • failure isn’t bad • learning is collaborative

“Better theories of learning are embedded in the video games many children play than in the schools they attend.” ! James Gee What Video Games Have to Teach Us About Literacy & Learning

brain research effective learning environments

video games brain research effective learning environments


gamification modifying reality to resemble a game

game-based learning modifying a game to resemble reality

so what kinds of things can we do with games?

• historical content & accuracy • analyze as evidence • character study

• annotation of screenshots • game play reflection • writing prompts

”What role does geography play in the development of a successful country? Use evidence from Civilization and what you already know.” > Technology for Social Studies Teachers


Mission US Stop Disasters


serious games




commercial games

next steps? learn more about games

Gaming the Past: Using Video Games to Teach Secondary History
 Jeremiah McCall Using Games in the History Classroom

Gaming Can Save the World Jane McGonigal

ask about their games start small go online #gbl create your own path

what are you “zinking” about?

have more questions? contact: Glenn Wiebe

#gbl presentations

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